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About POC
POC is a famous Swedish sports company founded by Stefan Ytterborn in 2004. The brand´s headquarters is in Nackagatan 4 in Stockholm. Skiing and road biking are very tough sports among all other sports. People need maximum head protection in these sports. POC design and develop protection products such as eyewear, helmets, and clothing for cycling and snow sports. The helmets have elastic shell construction and a hard outer shell. This feature made them ideal for climbers and skiers. The helmets protect riders´ heads from pointed things and rocks on skiing and snowboarding. Manufacturers use the material of bulletproof vests to make helmets. POC also provides a vast range of durable apparel and accessories, including helmets, goggles, body armor, and sunglasses. This brand is considered the best seller of protection products.
It aims to develop the best products by merging design, safety, and performance. The objective and function of products come first for protection and are durable to bear the impacts of different situations. The team creates helmets, eyewear, and other items by combining progressive materials with extreme research. They cooperate with experts and athletes to confirm that the products meet protection standards.

POC collection of helmets and safety products

POC helmets provide prime impact protection via carefully engineered materials and building techniques that absorb and distribute impact powers. POC goggles usually feature high-quality lenses with anti-fog and anti-scratch layers, providing reliable durability and visibility. POC body armor is worn smoothly over or under other layers, permitting wearers to adjust to changing situations. The brands manufacture POC mens clothing with technical fabrics that deliver temperature regulation, breathability, and moisture-wicking, ensuring ease during various sports. POC womens clothing is developed with specific actions in mind, combining practical elements such as ventilation, pockets, and specialized closures.
POC ski clothing has unique creation, durability, protection considerations, trendy style, ease of focus, and versatility for optimal mountain performance. POC ski helmets are known for their cutting-edge security technology, comfortable fit, and elegant designs. They present superior security with attributes like MIPS, quality ventilation, adaptable sizing, and compatibility with goggles. POC ski goggles merge optical clearness, anti-fog technology, and a vast field of view for improved visibility. These goggles are a reliable option for winter sports lovers. POC ski bags help to transport and hold your skiing equipment securely. It generally features durable fabrics, padded enclosures for skis, elastic straps, and ample area for boots, poles, and additions.