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About Volcom
Volcom is your go-to destination for fashion that seamlessly blends style and adventure. With a rich history rooted in board sports and a commitment to creating quality apparel, Volcom has become a global icon for those who live life to the fullest. Founded in 1991 by Richard ´´Wooly´´ Woolcott and Tucker ´´T-Dawg´´ Hall, Volcom emerged from the vibrant youth culture of Southern California. The founders´ passion for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing ignited the brand´s mission to provide innovative, functional, and stylish clothing for these adventurous lifestyles. This commitment to pushing boundaries both in design and sports innovation propelled Volcom to international recognition.
Today, Volcom at Dressinn continues to honour its roots while adapting to modern trends. Whether you´re hitting the waves, shredding the slopes, or simply looking for urban streetwear with an edge, Volcom offers a diverse range of products to suit your style. From shirts to backpacks, Volcom has you covered in quality and style.

Where Style Meets Adventure

Volcom shirts are a perfect blend of style and comfort. From classic graphic tees to button-down shirts, you´ll find versatile options for any occasion. With high-quality materials and attention to detail, Volcom shirts are a staple in every fashion-forward adventurer´s wardrobe. Stay cosy and stylish with Volcom hoodies. Crafted with warmth and durability in mind, these hoodies are perfect for chilly days at the beach or evenings by the campfire. Their unique designs and comfortable fit make them a must-have for your casual attire collection. When the weather gets tough, Volcom jackets get tougher. From waterproof shells to insulated parkas, Volcom offers a range of jackets designed to keep you comfortable in extreme conditions.
Volcom´s commitment to quality extends to its bottoms collection. Choose from a variety of fits and styles, including Volcom jeans for a timeless look, Volcom pants for a versatile urban aesthetic, and Volcom shorts for warm-weather adventures. These garments are built to withstand the rigours of your active lifestyle while keeping you fashionable. Carry your essentials in style with Volcom backpacks. Designed with durability and functionality, these backpacks are ideal for your daily commute, school, or outdoor adventures. With ergonomic features and trendy designs, they perfectly complement the Volcom spirit of adventure and self-expression.