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Alpine skiing


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How to choose Alpine Ski bindings?

Ski bindings are one of the most essential pieces of ski gear that doesn’t only prevent unwanted pre releases but also allows your boots to release safely when you fall. Ski bindings help prevent injuries as well, hence you should choose the right ski bindings. In addition, some skis are sold with and without bindings. It is important to ensure that your ski bindings match your type of skiing, physical build, ability level, and compatibility with your shoes. Salomon, Atomic, Head, Fischer, and K2 are the leading manufacturers of alpine ski bindings.

When it comes to choosing alpine bindings, you need to determine the width of your skis and the DIN settings generally performed by a ski binding technician: price, weights, stack height, “DIN” release value range, “BSL” adjustment range, toe and heel elasticity/travel and boot compatibilities.
When buying alpine bindings from Atomic, there is no need to also consider the uphill performance vs. downhill reliability and safety. Here, the task is to select the right pair of Marker Alpine Bindings for the alpine skiing needs that are light enough to facilitate you to move freely but powerful enough to accommodate your riding style as well.