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How to choose a foosball table?

A foosball table is a great form of entertainment. Foosball is a fun, engaging, and competitive game that can be played by at least two players. With the increasing popularity and demand for foosball games, many leading manufacturers are producing game tables with new features. The price range varies from table to table depending on the specification. If you are interested in a foosball game, you should consider the following before purchasing a table;

Player´s skills

As said above, there are different sizes, qualities, and prices of football tables available in the market. You can choose the one that suits your skills and preferences. However, it is suggested that the simpler model would be better suited for beginners, while the mid level table is preferred for intermediate players. For professional players, a high end tournament table is ideal. They are expensive but designed with advanced features and high quality materials to last longer.

Table size and material

Next, you need to consider the size and material of the football table. Commonly, a foosball table requires more than two meters of space to play. Before you should check if you have enough space for the table. There are different materials used in foosball tables, the most common being solid wood and composite.

Foosball legs

The legs are the key part of table football. Since the legs support the entire table while also providing stability, always choose a table with thick legs. A good quality football table not only provides stability but also improves your performance.

Type of rods used in the foosball table

When choosing a foosball table there are hollow steel rods and solid steel rods. You can also buy pool tables, electronic dartboards, air hockey tables and much more from the leading manufacturers Devessport, Cb games, Aktive, Tachan, Color Baby and Coas.