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About Uhlsport
You can buy all Uhlsport items at Goalinn. Moving on, Uhlsport is a famous German sporting goods manufacturer. It is an international company based in Balingen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It was one of the first companies to develop goalkeeping equipment for Uhlsport soccer goalkeepers. Uhlsport goalkeeper equipment and numerous innovations have turned simple gloves into technological and comfortable masterpieces.

Uhlsport, the football brand

Offering a wide range of Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves to suit any goalkeeper at any level of the game. Uhlsport gloves are packed with advanced technologies and features so you can perform at your best. Uhlsport´s goalkeeper gloves feature high-grip foam, offering the perfect balance of grip and protection to help you land even the fastest shots on target. Each pair of Uhlsport gloves features a striking design. Uhlsport designs gloves for wet or dry weather and different surfaces, and you play in style as a goalkeeper for children, women and men. Uhlsport has the right glove for every goalkeeper. Latex gussets and needle tips on the gloves help protect your hands and give your arms the full range of motion you need as a goalkeeper. The new, technically modernized edition of the Uhlsport classic is also available in our goalkeeper glove in the Goal INN shop. In addition, the brand has an excellent range of Uhlsport pants for you to choose your favourites.

Uhlsport has the perfect equipment for you

Uhlsport shin guards combine safety and flexibility. Depending on what is essential for you or your child, you can choose between different models: with ankle protection, without ankle protection, with velcro, with a sleeve and with a removable plate. All shin guards are available in various sizes for children and adults. Uhlsport sports bags or backpacks are available in different sizes and colours, with a spacious compartment for shoes or several side pockets.
For goalkeepers, Uhlsport has developed practical goalkeeper glove bags that ensure that the gloves are not thrown away in the sports bag and are thus protected from damage. With Uhlsport´s soccer training accessories, you´ll find everything you need, from needle valves and ball bags, to water bottles and blankets, to field player gloves and caps. In the online store you will also find Uhlsport soccer balls of the best quality.