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Football equipment

Football equipment

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How to choose the right soccer equipment?


You can choose a soccer ball based on the surfaces you want to play on. You should choose a ball that is lighter and more comfortable to play on grass and sand and that is less painful to kick barefoot. Initiation balls are ideal for playing on grass as they have a good bounce quality. For other surfaces, a good quality, durable rubber material ball is adequate. Adidas, Joma, Puma, Uhlsport, and Hummel are the most recognized manufacturers of soccer balls.


Soccer is played at a fast pace and requires a lot of stamina. Soccer players have to keep their bodies hydrated in order to perform their best on the field. For this reason, water bottles are designed to maintain good hydration in your training sessions or competitive matches. You should choose a water bottle that is leak free, lightweight, and reusable.

Goalkeeper gloves and gloves

Goalkeeper gloves are a must have soccer kit. Soccer goalkeeper gloves improve grip, provide protection, cushion the hands, and help the goalkeeper to catch, strike or block the ball from entering the net. When it comes to choosing the right glove size, you should consider finger protection, cut, hand size, shape, palm, back, and closure system and material.


For general body protection, soccer players must wear various protective items during the course of a soccer match. This kit consists of shoulder pads, gloves, helmets, thick knee pads, jockstrap or compression shorts, mouth guard, and shoes. Soccer protective gear is made from high quality materials, including durable, impact resistant foam rubbers, elastics, and molded plastics.


Some lenses may not be durable enough to withstand the football game. Therefore, you should choose specialized sunglasses that have been shown to be effective in staying in place during soccer matches. A good example would be polycarbonate material which is more resistant to impact than plastic lenses.

More about football equipment:

Other important materials to consider for good soccer equipment include accessories, armbands, and towels. To dry the sweat, a soccer player must have a good quality towel that he can take with him during the game. In addition, players are also required to wear wrist wraps or bicep bands. In addition, these bands also prevent injuries and protect against hyperextension.