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About Richa
Richa is a recognized enterprise that was launched in 1952 by Charles Rigaux. The enterprise specializes in the creation and production of leather motorbike pants, gloves, jackets, and accessories with high-quality layers and state-of-the-art protection. Since 2011, Richa gloves have been Gore-Tex approved, making them the best option in the demand for avid motorcycle riders. Today, Richa is one of the most trusted motorbike clothing brands in the world with an international presence in more than 40 countries across the globe. At Richa, they ensure motorcycle riders get the maximum riding experience.
Their affirmation of motorcycle rider protection is at the soul of everything they do. Richa products are uniquely created and precisely tested to complete the most elevated international standards, confirming motorcycle riders have the best protection on their travels. From leather jackets that give excellent abrasion resistance to armored materials that offer convenience and flexibility, they cater to motorcycle riders of all manners and preferences.
Richa´s design ideology seamlessly merges function with style. They understand that motorcycle riders desire gear that not only keeps them secure but also makes a remark. Their products puff a modern, trendsetting aesthetic, confirming you look as pleasing as you feel on your motorbike.

Richa collection of motorbike gear and accessories

Richa kids clothing uses premium fabrics that are smooth on delicate skin and long-lasting enough to resist the rigors of play. Their clothing collection spans a broad range of styles, including everyday necessities like t-shirts, jeans, and sweatshirts.
Richa men´s clothing is constructed with state-of-the-art fabrics, containing abrasion-resistant leather and cutting-edge textiles, all created to give maximum security in the possibility of accidents. Richa womens clothing presents a wide selection of gear to complete your distinct riding needs. Richa´s women´s clothing is designed for convenience and versatility.
Richa motorcycle backpacks come prepared with secure fastenings to guarantee that your belongings stay in position, even at high speeds. Adaptable straps and buckles keep the backpack steady on your back. These backpacks are specifically made to meet the unique requirements of motorcycle riders, offering them a suitable and secure way to take their essentials while on the roadway.
Richa motorcycle protections are designed to protect the backbone and upper back. These protectors come in different styles, including standalone back protection and incorporated rear armor within jackets. Richa motorcycle gloves include protective qualities such as palm sliders, armored knuckles, and strengthened areas to protect against abrasion. Richa motorcycle jackets are prepared with waterproofed and windproof membranes to keep motorcycle riders dry and comfy in unfavorable weather.