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About Riello
A company called Riello was started in Italy in 1920. They made machines that helped ovens and other special machines work. In 1923, Riello was the first company to change these machines so they could use a type of oil called light oil. In 1925, there was a problem with getting light oil, so Riello changed their machines again so they could use a different type of oil called heavy fuel oil. Over the decades, Riello has diversified its offerings into a wide range of products that cater to diverse industries and applications. From Riello UPS systems that ensure uninterrupted power supply to Riello car batteries that provide reliable starting power.
Riello UPS stands for Riello Uninterruptible Power Supply. Riello UPS is a device that provides emergency power when the main electricity supply goes out. Riello UPS has a backup battery for your home or office. This is important for keeping sensitive equipment like computers and medical devices running smoothly during power outages.
Riello car batteries are the parts that store energy and power your car´s electrical system. Riello car batteries are essential for starting your car, running lights, and operating other electrical components. Riello car batteries are designed to provide reliable power in a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles.
Riello extension cords are like extra-long power cords that let you plug in devices. They are useful for connecting appliances, electronics, and other electrical devices to a power source, Riello extension cords come in various lengths and can handle different levels of power.
Riello servers are powerful computers that store and manage data for businesses and organizations. They are typically housed in data centers, which are specially designed facilities with controlled environments to keep the servers running smoothly. Riello servers are used for various purposes, such as running websites, storing files, and processing data.
A Riello port rack is a device that provides multiple electrical outlets for connecting various devices. It is typically used in server rooms, data centers, and other IT environments where multiple devices need to be powered and interconnected. Riello port racks come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate various needs.
A Riello terminal adapter is a device that connects an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to a computer or other electronic device. A Riello terminal adapter allows the device to communicate with the UPS and receive information about the status of the power supply.
Riello products are tools that empower businesses, institutions, and individuals to operate efficiently, reliably, and sustainably. Rielloensures uninterrupted power supply for critical operations, providing reliable connectivity for data networks, or extending power safely and conveniently.