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What is a POS system and how does it work?

A POS system is a system that facilitates you to accept payments from your customers and keep a record of the sales. The process sounds simple, but the entire process works in different ways, depending on your business, whether you have physical stores, online stores, or both.

How does a POS system work?

• The process starts when the customer decides to buy a product or service. In the case of a physical store, the sales associate uses a barcode scanner to look at the product’s price.
• Next, the POS System calculates the price of the product, including any sales tax.
• The sales associate updates the inventory count to record that the product is sold.
• Finally, the customers use their debit card, credit card, gift cards, loyalty point, or even cash to make the payment.
• The transaction through the POS System is completed. Then the sales associate prints the digital receipt.


Today, modern POS systems are entirely digital, therefore you need all the essential components necessary for operating the system smoothly and perfectly. In a POS System, the accessories can range from external cards, extensions, batteries, sensors, scanners, protectors, USB scanner cable, and much more.


Consumables are a key part of your Point of Sale Device, Cash Register, or Peripherals attached to your POS System. You need to use high quality supplies to ensure the durability of your equipment, which include Ink Ribbons, Paper Rolls, Ink Cartridges, Label Printer Ribbons, Scale Labels, and Label Printer Labels Barcode & Shipping Labels.


The display is also one of the important parts of the POS System that allows you to record the time, place, and related details of the sale. The display or monitor is used to keep a record of sales on physical goods from your store. Samsung, Philips, LG, Sony, Benq, Viewsonic, and iiyama are well known manufacturers that provide POS systems for businesses.


The POS software system that is connected to the cash drawers can help you track whenever the drawer is opened. The drawer is used for keeping the money safe inside while the sale transactions are happening at the store. The person in charge takes the money and puts it inside the drawer and gives the purchased items to the customers.

Payment Terminals

In the POS System, the payment terminal is the most important stage. A payment terminal is also known as a credit card terminal or point of sale terminal is a device that is used to make electronic funds transfers and other transactions initiated at a terminal and routed through a network.


The POS System uses printers that print the sale receipts that show exactly what and when the customer has purchased the items and how much they have paid. You should get the printers from renowned companies so that the entire transaction of sales can be done smoothly.


Barcode scanner is another essential part of the POS System. A bar code scanner is used to read the product’s details so that you can ring it up. The bar code readers/scanners are a quick way to check the price of the items and other details.