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About Bare
BARE is a leading brand that is acknowledged for its top class scuba diving products around the globe. BARE entered the scuba diving industry with the vision to offer unmatched quality of wetsuits and drysuits for the scuba divers and water sports enthusiasts. The company follows a unique approach to produce a line of wetsuits with the use of high-performance materials and excellent designs. The company persistently progresses its production and manufacturing method according to the latest technology and modern era needs. BARE scuba diving products are known the best in the market today. The enterprise persistently advances its developing and manufacturing techniques according to the advanced technology and current era demands. BARE scuba diving products are well-known as the most promising in the market today.
BARE is a famous brand in the kingdom of aquatic exploration, devoted to delivering divers with high-quality, creative gear that improves protection, functionality, and ease beneath the waves. With a heritage spanning over four decades, BARE has proved itself as a trusted term in diving. BARE´S drysuits and wetsuits have developed to resist the rigors of underwater experiences in different conditions. These suits are prepared with cutting-edge fabrics and technologies, providing exceptional thermal safety and durability. BARE´s promise of accuracy and concentration to detail results in cozy, form-fitting suits that help divers fully immerse themselves in their scuba diving experiences.

Collection of scuba diving gear and accessories

BARE dive cargo pockets are important accessories created to improve the functionality and comfort of a diver´s equipment. These pockets are connected to the diving gear, commonly on the waist or thighs, and provide a safe storage solution.
BARE gear bags are designed to fulfill the exceptional needs of divers and water sports lovers. These bags present a useful solution for transporting and keeping diving equipment, drysuits, wetsuits, and other aquatic gear. BARE open-heel fins are a kind of scuba diving and snorkeling fin developed for divers who wear water shoes or neoprene booties. These fins are well-known for their versatility and adjustability, making them a favored choice among divers of different skill levels.
BARE water shoes are engineered to protect your feet from possible hazards in marine environments. They protect against strong rocks, shells, hot sand, and other possible sources of injury.
BARE dive wetsuits are designed to offer divers the perfect combination of thermal insulation, ease, and durability for a broad range of aquatic activities.
BARE drysuits represent the standard of underwater exposure safety, offering divers an impervious barrier against water. BARE dive shorties are designed for use in warm-water situations, where a full wetsuit may be unneeded and restrictive.