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About Cressi
In 1939, two brothers who shared a love of the sea and a talent for both working with their hands and designing technically advanced products laid the foundation for Cressi´s history of innovation. In 1946, due to the overwhelming demand for their designs and products, they established the Cressi firm in Genoa, Italy. Although Cressi is currently the market leader in the production of water sports equipment on a global scale, it remains wholly owned by the Cressi family, and a commitment to innovation remains deeply embedded in the structure of the company.
It has a history of developing innovative products over the last 60 years and has often been the first company to bring innovations to market. Examples include the first scuba mask to feature a dedicated nose pocket for better compensation, and the freediving fin, which featured an innovative long blade for optimal efficiency. These masks and fins have been designed to enhance the diving experience together with the Cressi diving watch. This tradition of technological advancement has also been made possible by Cressi´s dedication to producing all of its products at its facilities in Italy.
The highest quality standards have been achieved thanks to investments in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, more than 16,000 square meters of indoor space and the ability to carry out the design and manufacturing processes simultaneously. Furthermore, it allows Cressi engineers to quickly create, test and implement the latest materials and technologies. The results, which are the same now as they were in the beginning, are the most technologically advanced and best-manufactured products in the world.
In the early days of scuba diving and spearfishing, the group functioned more like a close-knit fraternity, a brotherhood of people who enjoyed being around the water. They were successful because they had the same enthusiasm for the ocean as those who bought their products, which contributed to their popularity. Since its inception, Cressi equipment has been manufactured by the people who most require and use it. The equipment is the product of many hours spent in the water. The Cressi brothers combined their love of the ocean with their enthusiasm for the products, including the Cressi wetsuit they sold and the people they helped. It remains one of the defining characteristics of company culture today.
Cressi has remained an indispensable component of the aquatics community through its relentless dedication to innovation, its support of the world´s best swimming and diving competitors, and its dedication to expanding leisure options. To put it another way, passion is central to Cressi´s being because it is still at the center of the sport. In Cressi you will find the best equipment like Cressi wetsuits, snorkel sets and gear.