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Diving weight systems

Diving weight systems

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The accessories for diving weight are the most important supplies for the safety of the divers. The accessories include a ring for the weight belt, a pocket belt, and non slip buckle leads. The ring for the belt can provide a secure attachment point for accessories or additional weights to the belt. A diving pocket belt is a specialized belt designed for scuba diving or other water activities. Buckle leads are metal or plastic weights that attach the belt to provide the necessary weight.


The baudriers are utilized for ideal weight distribution. Its anatomical formation delivers a more suitable fit. The baudriers come with particularly convenient weight cases with slots for water drainage. It also has the choice to adjust the buoyancy with an average of 500 g or 1 kg poundages, up to a max of 5 kg. Flexible, stuffed shoulder belts of baudriers feature quick release clasps for more prominent protection and immediate discharge in trouble.


Weight belt are utilized to connect lead dive weights near your waistline and are created of webbing nylon, or synthetic rubber. You can choose the material of the belts according to your personal choice and how you´ll be utilizing them. They often come with stainless steel clasp and the belts are usually 50 60 inches in length and are created for service underwater while scuba diving. The stainless steel clasp is Quick Release for those circumstances where you may require to release your belt. The belt itself is created from an enduring material that is resistant to damage from UV and rough surfaces.


The buckles or clasps are the tools utilized for securing two loose ends of the diving belts, with one end connected to it and the other controlled by the diving belts in a protected but flexible way. These buckles are usually made up of stainless steel and are used to secure the weight belts. There are many different types of buckles available in the market. You can choose the one that suits your weight belt and the gear for which you are buying it. You can buy the buckles from brands like Cressi, SEAC, Mares, Salvimar, and Aqualung.


Diving weights are objects used by scuba divers and free divers to increase their overall weight underwater. These weights are designed to offset the natural buoyancy of a diver´s body and equipment, allowing them to descend and remain at a desired depth without expending excess energy. Diving weights are the ballast weight counted by a diver or diving gear to balance extra buoyancy. You can use the weights according to your need and the situation of the area in which you are diving. It also depends on your diving skills.