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Sea To Summit

About Sea To Summit
Lightweight outdoor products were hard to find in Australia in the early ’80s so Roland Tyson, Sea to Summit owner and managing director, started making his own. The demand for Roland’s products grew, and in 1984 he was engaged to design gear for two intrepid Australian adventurers ascending a previously unscaled route up the northern face of Mount Everest. These adventurers would later become the first Australians to scale the mountain, and the first people to do so without supplementary oxygen or local guides. They were so impressed with their equipment that in 1990 when one of the adventurers was planning an expedition from the ’sea’ in the Bay of Bengal to the ’summit of Mount Everest, he again asked Roland to design and develop the gear for him. This expedition was also successful and the Sea to Summit brand was officially born. The key today, as it was back then, is the use of state-of-the-art technology to design and develop equipment that is durable and light, built for extreme environments and activities that push the boundaries. Sea to Summit has since grown to become an award-winning global brand, internationally recognized for producing technical adventure equipment sold in more than 60 countries.