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About Suunto
Suunto is a renowned Finnish brand specializing in high-quality diving instruments and sports watches. Established in 1936, Suunto has consistently pushed the boundaries of technological innovation to provide divers with reliable, accurate, and durable equipment. Suunto´s commitment to excellence has made it a trusted name among divers worldwide, and its products are highly regarded for their precision and user-friendly features. Suunto has established itself as a leading brand in the diving industry, offering a range of dive computers, dive watches, and compasses that combine precision, durability, and style. With a rich history of innovation and a commitment to meeting the needs of divers, Suunto continues to push the boundaries of technology to enhance the diving experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Suunto exploring the depths with precision and reliability

Suunto dive computers are at the forefront of dive technology, offering divers advanced features and unparalleled accuracy. These computers are designed to monitor crucial dive information, including depth, time, decompression limits, and ascent rates. Suunto dive computers provide divers with real-time data to ensure safe and enjoyable dives. Equipped with innovative algorithms and multiple gas mode capabilities, Suunto dive computers cater to divers of all levels, from recreational enthusiasts to professional divers seeking optimal performance. The Suunto D5 is a standout dive computer in Suunto´s product lineup. Combining stylish design with cutting-edge technology, the D5 offers divers a sleek and compact wrist-worn computer. The customizable dive modes and wireless connectivity enable divers to personalize their dive experience and effortlessly transfer their dive logs to the Suunto app for further analysis and sharing.
Suunto´s dive watches are a perfect blend of style and functionality, catering to divers who value both performance and aesthetics. Crafted with robust materials and built to withstand the demands of underwater exploration, Suunto dive watches offer water resistance, dive timers, depth measurement, and compass functionalities. These watches also boast versatile features that make them suitable for everyday wear, ensuring that divers can transition seamlessly from diving to daily life. The Suunto D4i is a highly regarded dive computer renowned for its user-friendly interface and reliability. Packed with advanced features such as Nitrox compatibility, wireless air integration, and optional wireless tank pressure reading, the D4i caters to divers seeking a comprehensive yet straightforward dive companion. The sleek and compact design, coupled with a variety of strap color options, allows divers to express their style while exploring the underwater world with confidence.
Suunto compasses are trusted tools that provide accurate navigation and orientation for divers. Designed to withstand extreme conditions and varying depths, these compasses are essential for maintaining course headings and ensuring safe underwater navigation. Whether used as a backup to electronic navigation devices or as a primary tool, Suunto compasses offer reliable performance and are trusted by divers worldwide.