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Powergym Isopower 1600 g Orange


Powergym Isopower 1600 g Orange

Product description Powergym Isopower 1600 g Orange



Contributes to the maintenance of levels of endurance in prolonged exercise.


During physical exercise we lose liquids, sodium and potassium, this brings with it an important loss of performance as exercise is prolonged along with a functional deterioration in muscles and tendons.

ISOPOWER is a sports supplement which helps to rehydrate, recovering the fluids and especially the sodium and potassium lost, allowing an increase in performance by also providing carbohydrates and antioxidants.
ISOPOWER contains moderately high quantities of sodium and potassium which have been scientifically demonstrated to be efficient for rehydration.

Sodium is important because it stimulates the absorption of both glucose and water through the small intestine and is the ion which most favours extracellular hydration.
Potassium, meanwhile, is the most important ion when it comes to replacement of water in the intracellular compartments; its addition to the formula permits a correct hydration.

The quantity of sodium contained in ISOPOWER is more than the majority of conventional drinks on the market which contain low quantities of salt, insufficient to provide rehydration.

A new feature in ISOPOWER is the addition of antioxidants such as vitamins E or C, the selenium and especially the necessary quantity of pycnogenol, to combat the excess of free radicals produced during exercise and which diminish performance.

Pycnogenol, a natural antioxidant, has been demonstrated to have a rapid absorption and an anti-inflammatory action during intense exercise. This sports supplement also prevents muscle cramps and muscular pain during and after exercise. Its bioavailability and its rapid action are two very important factors to take into account in its inclusion in the formula.

The inclusion of carbohydrates and L-Glutamine help to increase the intestinal absorption of water and sodium and provide energy during physical exercise, putting back the onset of fatigue. Due to the high sodium content of this sports supplement, it is a good idea to ask your doctor if a low salt diet is indicated.



Mix 40g (3 doses) in 500ml of water, take during exercise. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage.


(per 100g.)
Energy: 362 Kcal.
Proteins: 1,58 g.
Carbohydrates: 88,9 g.
Fats: <0,5 g.

(per 40 g.)
Pinus extract : 156 mg.
L-Glutamine : 516 mg.
Potassium citrate: 536 mg.
Calcium phosphate: 257 mg.
Magnesium carbonate: 132 mg.
Vitamin C: 80 mg.
Vitamin B3:16 mg.
Vitamin E: 12 mg.
Zinc: 9,6 mg.
Iron: 8,1 mg.
Vitamin B5: 6,5 mg.
Vitamin B6: 3,8 mg.
Vitamin B1: 2,7 mg.
Vitamin B2: 1,4 mg.
Vitamin B9: 200 mcg.
Biotin: 50 mcg.
Selenium: 39 mcg.
Vitamin B12: 2,5 mcg.

PRESENTATION: Container with 1.600 g. powder form. With added sugars and sweeteners.

FLAVOUR: orange

May contain traces of milk, soya and gluten.
Contains extracts of graded plants, which ensure the content of active ingredients and their effectiveness.


Can I take more than 1 packet of Isopower per day?
The dosage of nutrients per packet or per measure is displayed on the packet or the labels of the bottles of Isopower.
It isn’t a problem if you need a second, later dosage because of very extended physical activity.

Instead of diluting 40g of Isopower in 500ml of water, can I dilute 80g in 1 litre?
Yes, the proportion remains the same.
In the case of extended physical activity when there is extensive sweating due to the heat, it may be convenient to mix one packet, or 40g, in 750-800ml of water to favour recovery from water loss even more.
Once the physical activity has finished you can use a packet, or 40g, of Isopower dissolved in 500ml of water as a regenerator of glycogen reserves as well as lost water.

When I dissolve the Isopower in water, there is a brown deposit that won’t dissolve, why is this?
This is a part of the Pine extract which is less soluble but isn’t at all important, the pine extract is what contains the procyanidins which avoid muscle cramps.

Why does Isopower sometimes change colour?
Isopower contains various natural extracts which also have natural colourants, as in all natural extracts, this sometimes leads to a slight change in colour of the product without meaning any deterioration in the quality of the product.

Which is better; Isopower or Isopower Gel? Does Isopower Gel hydrate like Isopower?
This question has been answered before, Isopower Gel doesn’t help hydration in the same way as Isopower. Isopower Gel is used when we need extra energy for a heavy energetic demand during exercise at a specific point in time

I use Isopower for hydration, both during training and competition. As Isopower contains hydrates, and needing to take gels and energy bars, should I combine it with other Isotonics (or plain water), to make sure I am meeting my correct hourly intake of hydrates?
As with absolutely every kind of gel, it should be taken with water simply to ensure that the concentration is correct so that it is quickly absorbed and to avoid gastrointestinal problems.

Can I take Isopower Gel in place of water? Can you take Isopower Gel alongside Isopower? Why can’t you take Isopower Gel and then Isopower?
It is recommendable, the absorption at an intestinal level is very different, among other factors because of the concentration of the sports supplement in comparison with the concentration of blood.
Some gastrointestinal problems have been reported that have been provoked by some gels due to the kind of carbohydrates contained, which greatly increase their osmolarity and also because of taking them with drinks which contain minerals and/or carbohydrates.
Isopower Gel has a low osmolarity in comparison with standard gels, they are absorbed very well and also contain almost double the amount of carbohydrates of conventional gels!!!
You can include Isopower Gel in your sports nutrition some 20 minutes after taking Isopower. Remember that Isopower Gel should always be taken with water, just like any gel on the market, whether it has more or less water in its composition.
In competition, take Isopower Gel some metres before reaching a provisioning point, and always with water.

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Features Powergym Isopower 1600 g Orange

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