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About adidas
Adidas is a German multinational company based in Herzogenaurach born in 1949 dedicated to the manufacture of sports footwear, clothing and accessories but also sports-inspired fashion. Adidas constantly works to improve the performance of athletes and also to redefine the casual fashion that marks today. It focuses on projecting its unique past towards an exciting present and future in which innovation and creativity are absolute protagonists.

The adidas Running ultra-boost shoe has been recognized for its excellence in the footwear industry. Its comfort and stability provide a great resistance capacity to go running. Other models that have caused a sensation for running are the Running galaxy shoes. For the Trail Running discipline, choose adidas Terrex for men and women with its perfect grip and well-cushioned sole. A good quality soccer shoe will increase your performance and help you avoid injuries.

Also choose sportswear such as technical undershirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, tights, pants and bags to be able to carry everything you need to practice sports with you.