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Running and triathlon equipment

Running and triathlon equipment

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You must be familiar with the types of compasses and their features to choose the right navigational tool for your outdoor adventures. When choosing compasses, you should consider a few aspects in mind, such as durability, magnetized needle, high resolution bezel, baseplate, luminescence, clinometers, declination adjustment, sighting mirror, global needle, and other features.


For walking or running on steep terrains you should choose less technical crampons with a strap on binding. Make sure the flexibility of your footwear matches the flexibility of the crampons you have selected.
Frame alignment, construction and weight are the important aspects that you need to consider when choosing crampons for running shoes.


Trail running gaiters are usually very lightweight, comfortable and compact. The main purpose of gaiters is to keep dirt out of your shoes while you are running. They are usually not waterproof.
Trail gaiters are also breathable and offer the most basic protection against all the annoying elements like sand and dust that may find their way into your boots.

Running Poles

Construction, material, grip, and length are some of the factors to consider when choosing running poles. The most common materials are aluminum, steel and carbon fiber. All of these materials are strong and lightweight. Next, consider the handle and straps of the running poles.
The most common straps come in traditional design with some padding. There are also poles that come with the Nordic walking/skiing style glove strap.

Race belts and chip bands

Race belts and chip bands are essential running equipment that is used to keep your race number in place and hold timing chips securely throughout the entire race. With hundreds of choices at your hand, it is confusing to pick the right one.
However, when choosing race belts, you should consider the factors such as right running belt fit, hydration capabilities, pouch size, material type and spring for basic extras.


Running sunglasses are an essential piece of equipment that every runner should wisely select. Choose a pair of sunglasses that fits on your face without feeling heavy and provide total coverage. Good quality running sunglasses are lightweight, have nose grips, are scratch resistant, and offer UVA and UVB protection.
There are different lens colours that are suitable for the different types of outdoor lighting. For example, brown lenses are a good choice for daylighting conditions, while runners should consider going with a yellow lens in night running.


Sports towels are one of the most essential running equipment used for wiping sweat away. The best running towels should be compact, portable, quick drying, and odour resistant.
When choosing towels for running, look for microfiber or synthetic materials that dry quickly and resist the bad smells. You can also choose towel material that features specific anti bacterial technology, such as antimicrobial coatings and silver threads.

More about running equipment:

Basic running equipment includes running shorts, running tights, running tops, running gloves, running hat, running sunglasses, running jacket, gaiter, and a good sports bra. When choosing running equipment, make sure they properly fit.
Choose the materials that are comfortable, durable, breathable and quick drying so you stay cool and dry throughout the race. Adidas, Salomon, Nike, Asics, Altra, La Sportiva, Dynafit, Raidlight, and Puma are well known manufacturers of running accessories, towels, and spare parts.