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About Inov8
Inov-8 is a globally recognized brand that has revolutionized the world of sports and fitness gear. Born out of the desire to empower athletes with innovative and high-performance equipment, Inov-8 has become a trusted name for those seeking cutting-edge solutions to fuel their active lifestyles. The brand´s journey began in 2003 when it was founded in the UK by Wayne Edy. Inov-8´s vision was clear from the start: to provide athletes with the gear they need to conquer diverse terrains and achieve their fitness goals.
Inov-8´s unwavering dedication to athletes and their needs has made it a leader in the world of sports and fitness gear. From clothing that combines fashion and function to shoes that enhance performance, Inov-8 continues to push the boundaries of what´s possible in sportswear and equipment, empowering athletes to achieve their best, no matter the challenge.

Pioneering Performance Gear for the Modern Athlete

Inov-8 men´s clothing line is a testament to the brand´s commitment to blending functionality with style. From lightweight and breathable running shirts to durable and moisture-wicking shorts, their clothing is designed to withstand the toughest of workouts. Crafted with precision, Inov-8 men´s apparel ensures that athletes perform at their best while looking great. The brand´s women´s clothing collection combines comfort and aesthetics, making every piece an essential part of an active lifestyle. Inov-8 women´s clothing is the best choice for female athletes worldwide.
Inov-8 hydration vests are engineered for athletes who demand the best from their gear. These vests are designed for endurance runners, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts who require a convenient and efficient way to stay hydrated on the go. With features like multiple pockets for essentials and a snug fit, Inov-8 hydration vests are built to enhance performance and endurance. Inov-8´s shoes are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship. Inov-8 shoes are celebrated for their durability and support, making them an ideal choice for athletes seeking optimal performance in various environments.
Inov-8 running shoes are designed to propel runners to their personal best. Whether it´s a road race or a cross-country trail, these shoes offer superior cushioning, traction, and stability. When the terrain gets rugged, Inov-8 trail running shoes shine. These shoes are built to tackle the toughest outdoor challenges, offering unmatched grip and protection. Inov-8´s dedication to creating durable, high-performance trail running shoes has made them a favorite among adventure seekers. Inov-8´s running bottles are engineered to keep athletes refreshed throughout their workouts. These bottles are designed for convenience, with ergonomic grips and leak-resistant features.