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Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes
About Xero Shoes
Xero Shoes is a pioneering brand that harmoniously blends comfort and performance in the realm of footwear. With an emphasis on freedom of movement and close-to-the-ground experience, Xero Shoeshas revolutionized the way people perceive and experience footwear. The story of Xero Shoes began with a simple yet profound idea – that shoes should allow the feet to move naturally, replicating the feeling of being barefoot while still providing the necessary protection. The brand was founded by Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix in 2009, driven by their passion for healthy living and active lifestyles.
Drawing inspiration from the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico, known for their endurance running in sandals, the founders embarked on a journey to develop footwear that would enable wearers to tap into their innate biomechanics. This journey led to the creation of a range of footwear that celebrates the joy of movement. With a rich history rooted in the desire to unleash the full potential of human movement, Xero Shoescontinues to empower athletes and enthusiasts of all ages to embrace their natural stride while enjoying the comfort and performance of thoughtfully crafted footwear. Whether it´s running, trail running, or everyday adventures, Xero Shoes provides a platform for wearers to connect with their surroundings through their feet.

Where Comfort Meets Performance

Xero Shoes offers a diverse collection designed to cater to men, women, and kids. Xero shoes for men feature a variety of options, from running shoes that provide a barely-there feel to trail running shoes built for rugged terrains. Women can choose from an array of stylish and functional footwear from Xero shoes for women, whether they´re hitting the trails or exploring urban environments. Additionally, Xero Shoes ensures that the youngest adventurers are not left behind, with a range of Xero shoes for kids that prioritize comfort and growth.
Xero Shoes Running has developed a range of innovative options that promote a natural stride for running enthusiasts. The running shoes are designed with a minimalist approach, encouraging proper form, and enhancing the connection between the runner and the ground. Xero Shoes Trail running can rejoice in the specialized trail shoes that offer rugged durability, exceptional grip, and the flexibility needed to tackle varying terrains with confidence. Xero Shoes´ commitment to comfort and movement extends to their sandal collection. These sandals encapsulate the brand´s philosophy of providing a ´´barefoot-like´´ experience. Whether it´s strolling on the beach, navigating through water adventures, or simply enjoying the outdoors, Xero Shoes sandals offer flexibility, breathability, and a secure fit.