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Recovery and care

Running and triathlon Recovery and care

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Things to know about recovery for running

Some runners often overlook the importance of recovery. However, it is not optional, it is mandatory that ultimately makes you a better runner to outperform in your next event. In order to maximize recovery, we have listed down the few important tips below;

Articular protectors

There is a lot of strain on the knees during most types of physical activities, especially running. The most effective treatment for running injuries is to wear articular protectors which are effective in preventing joint related injuries and pain. Runners with weak muscles or joints should use the articular protectors to build sufficient endurance and increase the joint’s mobility and functions.


Electrostimulators use electrical pulses to send signals to targeted muscles to make them contract and recover. Generally, Electroestimulators therapy is used by runners and athletes to heal from injuries and strengthen and repair tissues for faster recovery. By continuous and repeated muscle contractions, the blood flow improves and helps in repairing injured muscles.

First Aids

To recover the muscle soreness and joint pain, you need to stay hydrated and take a well balanced diet before, during, and after the run. The diet must be full of nutrition so that your body has an ample amount of energy. In addition, stretching is also good after running as a first aid to stabilize your muscles.

Personal care

Running trails for miles or working out for long hours is a key part of the training process. However, during the run you feel strong, pushing through any pain that comes your way, and when you finish, you realize that each and every part of your body is hurting. Therefore, personal care is a must. It may include getting good sleep, following a workout routine, taking supplements, and staying hydrated.

Rollers and Massage Balls

Rollers and massage balls support your bodys recovery and are perfect for knots and tight areas. By targeting trigger points, rollers and balls help reduce pain levels and improve mobility through specific muscles and joints. Regardless of whether in the gym or at home after a hectic training, rollers and massage balls are a great tool to help reduce your aches and pains.

The smart scales

Smart scales are generally used by people working towards achieving health goals. The assessment scale measures fitness data, such as your weight, body fat percentage, heart rate, muscle mass, bone mass, and more. With the main focus on hope and self determination, smart scales help assess aspects of recovery and improvement in overall physical health.

Self Massage and Pressotherapy

Self massage and pressotherapy Dynamic Compression Therapy system that is widely used by athletes and runners for faster recovery and improved performance. After a hard workout or long trail running, your muscles need to get relaxed. For that purpose, a high quality, durable, light weight, easy to use, portable, Self massage, and pressotherapy system is ideal for daily recovery.

Sport creams

To get some relief you need to take care of your muscles after a hectic physical activity or workout. Sport creams such as Assos Chamois Cream, Brooks England Skin Renewal Proofide, or Spiuk Post competition Gel, provide instant relief to your body. Garmin, Nike, Raidlight, Black Diamond, Petzl, and CMP are the best brands that offer a huge variety of sports creams and gels that are effective in reducing post running pains and soreness.

Apply taping to recover

Another great tip for runners is to apply taping for recovery after running. Kinesiology Therapeutic KT tape is used to support and reduce pain in muscles and joints. This therapeutic tape also increases mobility, helps reduce swelling, enhances recovery, and improves the way your joints and muscles work.