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Men´s shoes

Running and triathlon Men´s shoes

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How to choose running shoes

With an emphasis on cushioning and stability, we have several options in running shoes. Have a look below at different types of shoes suitable for different needs of runners;


Recreational or casual running shoes are worn by beginners to work out, train, lose weight or improve their overall aerobic fitness. Casual shoes must offer a decent amount of flexibility, cushioning, support and breathability to the runner.
Make sure that your casual shoe for running fits well and feels comfortable. Casual running shoes are usually lightweight and offer less cushioning than running shoes.

Running shoes

Running in the wrong shoes can lead to serious disasters. Hence it is wise to choose perfect running shoes depending on where you are heading. Make sure the running shoes that you pick are comfortable and well cushioned. Adidas, Salomon, Nike, Asics, Altra, New Balance, La Sportiva, Merrell, and Mizuno are well known brands that offer high quality running shoes.


Besides running shoes, running Sandals are getting much more popular these days. They are lightweight and easy to run in, have a tough, climbing grade strap, and specialized sole grip technology. These running sandals are durable thanks to EVA+ natural rubber Vibram waterproof sole. You can find a huge variety of running sandals for men, women, and kids.

Track shoes

Sprinting spikes feature a stiff plate underneath the entire foot that will support running on the toes to offer utmost forward motion over the course of the run.
Short distance and mid distance track shoes have a thin heel and provide minimal cushioning to the foot; hence they are not suitable for longer distance races.

Trail running shoes

When choosing trail running shoes, keep in mind that they are sturdier, more robust, and therefore heavier than standard running shoes. Trail running shoes are also often waterproof, typically featuring a Gore Tex and leather material.
To protect against rocks, sticks, and other obstacles you may encounter on rugged terrains, these shoes offer durable soles.

Men’s shoes running and triathlon

Triathlon shoes are similar to other types of running shoes used in racing, with automatic binding cleats. They have only one or two straps for ease of fastening rather than laces or buckles found in other types of running shoes. Mens running and triathlon shoes have a seamless interior that is designed to hold your bare feet comfortably.

Accessories and spare parts

For a safe and trouble free running experience, a runner requires to keep some accessories in their bag. For instance, elastic, laces, reflective elastics, insoles, and crampons are the few important running shoe accessories and spare parts that you should consider keeping in your running bag.