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About Reebok
After Reebok’s historic rise in the 1980s, spurred by the brand’s role in ushering in the aerobics boom, the company was looking to chart its next course. And in 1987, at the height of the Reebok boom, the company felt it had the next big thing in athletic footwear – and it was right. The idea, which was led by Reebok’s current Head of Advanced Concepts, Paul Litchfield, was to improve the fit of its sneakers, by utilising inflatable chambers that “pump up” – giving the shoe a custom fit. With no two feet being alike, it was believed that air could be the great equaliser – filling in those areas where the shoe could not with a snug, comfortable fit. 2011 Reebok started to cooperate with CrossFit, a strengtha and conditioning program. Only two years later they add also Yoga, Dance and Aerobics. Since that day Reebok is back on the track to their mission: Being THE fitnessbrand and make people fit for life!