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Recovery and care

Tennis and padel Recovery and care

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Tips for a post match tennis recovery

Articular protectors

Articular protectors are used to limit fractures and discomfort and to protect an area of cut or scar. The articular protectors are spherical with structured edges to create an allowance for force.


Electrostimulators are made to manipulate the nervous system through electrical stimulation. Electrostimulators benefit by sending electrical signals to compress muscles. Electrostimulators are commonly used for body therapy to improve or maintain muscle stability.

First aid

First Aid is a package of necessities and devices used to provide instant medical help. First aid can help prevent injuries from further damage.

Self massage and pressotherapy

Self massage and pressotherapy can help relieve pain, throbbing and muscle shock, and improve stagnation, strength and body awareness, as well as mental health. Self massage and pressotherapy improve blood flow and maintain the health and comfort of the body.

Sports creams

Sports creams are balms or creams that are used to recover from pain and injuries that you can get when you play sports. When applied to the skin, it is recommended to massage the affected area. You can buy sports creams from Softee, K Swiss, Kelme, Powershot and Rock Tape.

Taping for exercise

Bandaging is normally used as a complementary or quick technique. Players typically use taping as a defensive mechanism in the formation of an existing injury. Some of the purposes of the bandage are to ease the progression of broken joints and to confine delicate tissue to reduce inflammation.

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Massage rollers and balls: Massage rollers and balls are used to relieve pain and inflammation caused in the muscles.