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Women´s clothing

Tennis and padel Women´s clothing

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How to choose womens clothes for playing tennis?

Base Layer

The base layer is the kind of inner wear that delivers warmth while, at the exact time, is wicking your sweat to maintain your relaxation.


Caps are an article of clothing used to protect your head from harsh weather and sun rays and also protect from any damage.


The jackets are the garments used to wear on your clothes to keep your body warm in the cold weather.

Pants and tights

Pants and tights are the kinds of clothing usually worn for practicing sports and it also keeps you warm in winter.


The sweatshirt is used as the upper wear for the body for protecting the body from cold in winter.

T shirts and polo shirts

T shirts and polo shirts are the shirts that are used by sports women for playing different games such as tennis or polo normally they are short sleeved.


The tracksuitincludes a trouser and a jacket with a zip and is used to wear by sportsmen. It feels more comfortable than other clothing.

More about women’s clothing:

More about womens clothing include vests, wristbands, towels, neck gaiter, Face masks, socks, arms, and leg warmers. You can buy these clothing items from Babolat, Lacoste, Asics, Nox, and Adidas.