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Home furniture

Home furniture

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Tips for choosing the right furniture for your house


Choosing a bed is an important decision as it directly impacts your comfort and sleep quality. Determine the appropriate bed size based on your needs and available space. Common bed sizes include twin, full, queen, and king. Consider the dimensions of your bedroom to ensure the bed fits comfortably. Select a mattress type that suits your preferences and requirements. Common types include innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. Each type offers different levels of support, firmness, and motion isolation. The mattress is placed either on a stable bottom, usually created of wood or iron slabs, or a sprung bottom.

Bookcases and shelves

Bookcases and shelves are furniture pieces designed to provide storage and display solutions for books, decor items, and other belongings. They are essential components of home or office organization, allowing for efficient organization and easy access to items. A bookcase is a freestanding or wall mounted piece of furniture specifically designed for storing books. It typically consists of horizontal shelves that serve as compartments for arranging books in an upright position. Bookcases may vary in size, design, and materials, ranging from small bookshelves suitable for compact spaces to large. Shelves, on the other hand, refer to horizontal surfaces attached to walls or other structures, providing a platform for storage or display purposes. Unlike bookcases, shelves do not always have sides or back panels. They are versatile storage solutions that can be customized to fit various needs. Shelves come in different styles, such as floating shelves that appear to be attached directly to the wall without visible support brackets, or wall mounted shelves with brackets or supports for added stability.


Choosing chairs for your home involves considering both practical and aesthetic factors to ensure comfort, functionality, and visual appeal. Determine the purpose of the chairs and the specific function they will serve in your home. Each type of chair is designed for different activities and offers varying levels of comfort and support. Comfort is essential when selecting chairs. Look for chairs with adequate padding, ergonomically designed contours, and supportive features such as lumbar support or armrests. Consider the seat height and depth, as well as the backrest height and angle to ensure a comfortable seating position.

Chests of drawers

Chests of drawers are furniture pieces designed to provide storage and organization for various items in a home or office setting. They typically consist of a sturdy frame with multiple horizontal drawers stacked vertically. Chests of drawers are versatile storage solutions that offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The primary purpose of a chest of drawers is to store and organize clothing, accessories, and other personal belongings. The number of drawers can vary, ranging from a few drawers to a larger unit with several compartments. The drawers may have different sizes to accommodate items of varying dimensions. Chests of drawers are available in a wide range of styles, materials, and finishes to suit different interior design preferences. The choice of material affects the durability, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements of the furniture.

Sofas and armchairs

Sofas and armchairs are furniture pieces commonly found in living rooms, lounges, and other seating areas. They provide comfortable seating options and contribute to the overall style and functionality of a space. Sofas and armchairs are designed to accommodate individuals or groups, offering a place to relax, socialize, or engage in various activities. A sofa, also known as a couch or settee, is a long upholstered seat typically designed to seat multiple people. It features a backrest and armrests, providing support and comfort. Sofas come in various sizes, ranging from small loveseats to large sectionals, allowing for customization based on space and seating needs. An armchair is a single seat chair with armrests. It is designed for one person and offers a cozy and comfortable seating experience. Armchairs come in different styles, from classic and traditional designs to modern and contemporary aesthetics.

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More about home furniture includes kitchen carts, stools, TV cabinets, sideboards, desks and tables. You can buy these all from brands like Edm, Atmosphera, 5 five, Oem, Astigarraga, and Denox.