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Salvimar Fins Speeder

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Product description Salvimar Fins Speeder


- Pure freediving or spearfishing fin consisting of a foot pocket with incorporated insole and removable blade.
- Ergonomic rubber foot pocket with differentiated thickness for excellent comfort
- Rigid polypropylene insole incorporated during moulding.
- Polypropylene side clips cast on the side rail
- The blade is moulded in polypropylene with differentiated thickness: while the heel has a thickness of 3.5 mm, the tip has a thickness of 1.8 mm, side stringers below footbed
- The Speeder Fin is the result of a careful research into the dynamics of movement. During the development phase as well as having paid particular attention to the characteristics of the two components that make up the fin, foot pocket and blade, we have implemented the interaction between them by improving the coupling system, effectively improving the overall functionality of the product.
- The foot pocket is the element that unites the spearfisher to the blade and it is through it that all the power is discharged onto the blade and transformed into movement. For maximum efficiency of the Speeder fin, we have moved the side stringers beneath the sole of the foot: this made it possible to greatly improve the comfort and simultaneously increase the thrust with the same effort. The side stringers are also equipped with internally cast side clips which ensure excellent mechanical adhesion on the blade while avoiding steps and hydrodynamic turbulence.
- We have also given the foot pocket a special shape with varying thicknesses in order to obtain a considerable mechanical strength of the material combined with lightness and rigidity: we have in fact combined a soft upper with a rigid insole incorporated during moulding which guarantees an excellent transfer of power from the diver to the blade.
- The blade is moulded in polypropylene: to ensure the best propulsive thrust and excellent elastic return while minimising the kicking effort, the blade has been made with differentiated thickness: while the heel has a thickness of 3.5 mm, the tip has a thickness of 1.8 mm

Features Salvimar Fins Speeder







Recommended Use Diveinn

Spear Fishing


Technology Salvimar Fins Speeder

Sustainable Salvimar Fins Speeder

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Salvimar Fins Speeder

Good fins



Fins of good quality, medium cruelty. They are really fast.

Salvimar Fins Speeder




Well I am not an expert, but I think that these fins are perfect for free diving! These fins are actually very elastic, I didn’t expect that. I used them in open water, for free diving around reefs and fins were perfect in every way! Their elasticity makes very easy to move in a water, do angles, diving takes less energy what saves more oxygen in Your body. Love them! My shoe size is ~43, fins size 39-41 and fits perfect and tight on a bare foot. If You are looking for long free diving fins in a budget, this is actually perfect choice, I bet You won’t regret!

Salvimar Fins Speeder

Very comfy



Very light weight and the most comfy fins to date

Salvimar Fins Speeder

Great fins!



I usually use Cressi Impulse...and tried the Salvi Turn...but these are even more comfy and powerful. I bought 45-46 size, as my foot is size 44...and with 5mm socks fits perfect.

Salvimar Fins Speeder




Excellent fins, very pleasant, 5 hours of hunting and no muscle pain. They are very flexible and remain powerful! I adore

Salvimar Fins Speeder




Flipper simply wonderful in every detail, lightweight, beautiful and fits perfectly to the foot. Brazil shoe size 41 and my order was perfect in size 41/43.

Salvimar Fins Speeder




Fins with a very good construction, quite resistant, comfortable to use, excellent in my opinion I am very satisfied

Salvimar Fins Speeder

Excellent fins!


Giorgos Xagorarakis

Excellent quality fins from Salvimar! I usually wear 43.5 in athletic shoes and ordered the 43-44 size fins. They fit very well with 5mm socks. Perhaps you could get away with some of the 3mm as well. The fins are very comfortable in the water. Very smooth movement. Getting off the bottom at around 10m, is much easier with them. I've tried them in long distance as well and there is no fatigue on the legs. Overall a top quality product, with very innovative design at a good price.

Salvimar Fins Speeder



Israel thimoteo dos Santos

Very light fin, fast displacement, soft

Salvimar Fins Speeder

Super fins - innovations working



First and important: the sizing. I have EU 46 in normal shoes and bought the Speeder size 45/46. Fits perfect with 5mm socks, with 3mm a bit loose, works but would use fin keepers. The foot pocket is super comfortable because is has no side rails that might pinch a broader foot. The innovative design puts the side rails down and clear of the foot pocket. On the other hand, the two small front openings of the pocket (instead of one big opening) are partially obliterated by the neoprene sock and have a kind of a "sucker effect" and secure your foot. Plus you feel the stiff insole on the downstroke a little bit transferring your energy. Salvimar really brought something new, good job and thank you! What good is the best blade, if the foot pocket is hurting you? And these are a game changer for me. Salvi has another fan - looking out for the carbon version coming next year.

Salvimar Fins Speeder




Other fins in this size fit with 2.5mm socks, this fit with 5mm so it's perfect for winter. Probably the best plastic fins

Salvimar Fins Speeder

Salvimar speeder fins



Very good quality innovative product, beautiful recommended ... I recommend taking the size smaller than the one worn I have a 42 I bought 39/41 all perfect as always ..

Salvimar Fins Speeder

I have a question



Are they interchangeable blades?

Salvimar Fins Speeder




Goodnight. Are the fins sold by the pair, or is the price per unit?

Salvimar Fins Speeder




Good Morning. Are the fins sold as a pair or separately?

Salvimar Fins Speeder

Salvo are speeder



Get the product as ordered. Good

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Salvimar Fins Speeder



Ernest Krimea

My foot size is 43. Socks are 7 mm thick. What size fins should I buy?

Answer of Konstantin

Hello, I am also 43 a little bigger, for example 43.5 and I use 5mm socks, 45 fins and everything is fine...

Salvimar Fins Speeder

Total length of fins?


Andres arias

Good day. Total length of the fins (pocket+blade)? Thank you

Answer of ARUNAS

Size 45-46 total lenght is 103cm.

Answer of Boris

The length of the fin from beginning to end is 101 cm. From the end of the toe it is 76 cm. The length of the knife including the handle is 31 cm. The blade itself is 18 cm.

Salvimar Fins Speeder

What is the difference



What is the difference between Salvimar speeder and Salvimar turn 151?

Answer of Andri

Salvimar Speeder is far more superior in performance compared to Salvimar Turn 151. More speed and more thrust. The sizing is also bigger in reality compared to Turn 151.

Salvimar Fins Speeder

What is the difference between the two products? (What´s the difference?)



Salvimar Speeder VS Salvimar Speeder HD. (What's the difference?)

Answer of Abdelilah

There are 2 types of finger, carbon veneer and plastic. My favorite is carbon because it has a great design that helps to dive without resistance and cramping. Spearfishing.

Salvimar Fins Speeder




Hello, I would like to purchase the product but I don´t know my size, I wear size 41 (Brazilian size)

Answer of Abdelilah

Hello Brazilians You have to buy an extra size, for example: my shoe size is 42, so I bought a swim toe with size 41-43 and it fits perfectly with 5mm neoprene socks. Your size 41, so you should buy 41-43, thanks for asking. Spearfishing

Salvimar Fins Speeder



Pablo L (Chile)

I have a rather wide foot (almost 12cm) considering its length (about 28 with 5mm neoprene socks/booties). When buying regular shoes and hiking boots, the ones that fit me are usually on the larger number size, but the numbers can vary A LOT between brands and models. Since these are an Italian brand, I dare to referencea pair a La Sportiva (Tx5 Gtx) trekking boots that fit me great. The La Sportiva boxes states they are are sizes 451/2 (EU), 11 UK, 12 and EAN 13. Would the 45-47 be a safe bet? (Better to be a little big than too small I soppose). I dont mind even going to 7mm neoprene socks since 12°C waters can be normal. (Chile). I would like to buy them today. Thank you very much

Answer of Abdelilah

I have bought size 41-43, and my normal shoe is 42, you have to buy an extra size to fit with 5mm socks, 45-47 are all too big, thanks for asking. Freediving

Salvimar Fins Speeder

Size information


Brigita Skurnšek

My foot leinght is 223mm, EU size 38-39, wide foot. With 3 or 5mm sock, would the fin size 39-41 be good for me, or it would be too big? Thanks for the answer.

Answer of ARUNAS

Hello. With 3mm socks - fits 39-41, with 5mm socks - 41-43.

Answer of Boris

I think it will be perfect.. the fin must be a little bigger.. otherwise it will be very difficult to put them on and take them off especially when it is wet

Salvimar Fins Speeder

Size with 5 mm boot



Hello, due to the number of variable responses about size, I would like to know what size to buy if my foot with a 5 mm boot measures 270 mm. I have other fins from other brands but I would like to try these. All the best

Answer of Antonio

With a 3mm sock, predict your size, otherwise I´ll fit large

Salvimar Fins Speeder




shoes 43-44, what size fins to take with a 5 mm toe

Answer of Antonio

The shoes fit well for their sizes with 3 mm socks

Salvimar Fins Speeder

What in size in inches



Can you please let me know what is size for 41-43 and 43-45 in inches and let me know this size written as 278 is mm?

Answer of Mohammed

Attention If you are 44 in shoe take 43/45 Noticed The slippers are wide. on thin feet you have to put ankle straps. 43/45 corresponds to 295 mm or 11.6 inches. 41/43 corresponds to 281 mm or 11.1 inches.

Salvimar Fins Speeder




Размеры совпадают с носимой обувью, если использовать не на голую ногу берите +1-2 размера, в зависимости от толщины носков!

Salvimar Fins Speeder

sizing ?



hi there just quick one to make sure,I'm size 42 and want 5 mm sock what size I should get 41-43 or 43-45 thx

Answer of David

Buy size 41-43

Answer of Ricardo

Hi, I think it´s better to buy 43-45. Thanks

Salvimar Fins Speeder

What number to buy


Sergio Cardia

Shoe size 41- I use 3.5 boots What size should I buy the fins ???

Answer of Marc-Antoine

You should take the 39-41 :-)

Salvimar Fins Speeder




If I am 42 and a half what size should I take?

Answer of Jakov

The size of fins matches the size of the foot. I am size 44 with narrow foot and purchased fins sized 45 - 47. I used them with 2mm socks, and there is room for 3mm socks as well. The fins are extremely comfortable.

Answer of Ricardo

I wear the 40-41 and I am using the size 40-42 of the Salvimar Speeder fins, excellent purchase and aerodynamics. Very satisfied!


39-41 without socks or 41-43 with 3mm socks. My shoe number is 42.5 as well.

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