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How to choose a wishbone for spearguns?

A wishbone for spearguns is a component that connects the rubber bands or bungee cords to the spear shaft. It is typically made of elastic material, such as latex or Dyneema, and forms a loop or bridle that attaches to the notches or notches on the spear shaft.
The wishbone plays a crucial role in storing and releasing energy when the speargun is fired. When the rubber bands or bungee cords are stretched and attached to the wishbone, they store potential energy. Upon releasing the wishbone, the stored energy is transferred to the spear shaft, propelling it forward with force and velocity. The brands that offer the wishbones for spearguns are Cressi, SEAC, Mares, Salvimar, and Beuchat.

How to choose a wishbone for spearguns?

When choosing a wishbone for spearguns, there are a few factors to consider. The wishbone is the component that attaches the rubber bands or bungee cords to the spear shaft. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right wishbone:

Compatibility: Ensure that the wishbone is compatible with your specific speargun model. Different spearguns may have different designs or configurations for wishbone attachment. Check the manufacturer´s specifications or consult with the speargun manufacturer or authorized dealer to determine the appropriate wishbone for your speargun.
Material: Wishbones are commonly made of durable and elastic materials such as latex or Dyneema. Latex is a popular choice due to its elasticity and durability. Dyneema, a high performance synthetic fiber, is also used in some wishbones for its strength and resistance to abrasion. Consider the material that best suits your diving needs and preferences.
Length and Size: Wishbones come in various lengths and sizes. The length of the wishbone should be appropriate for the length of your speargun. It should allow for sufficient tension and power when the rubber bands or bungee cords are attached. The size of the wishbone should match the diameter of your speargun´s spear shaft to ensure a secure fit.
Tying Method: There are different tying methods for wishbones, including the traditional bridle tie and the dyneema loop. The tying method can affect the ease of attachment and replacement of rubber bands or bungee cords. Consider your preference and familiarity with the tying method when selecting a wishbone.
Quality and Durability: Look for a wishbone that is well made and durable. It should be able to withstand the stress and tension exerted by the rubber bands or bungee cords during spearfishing. Consider reputable brands or manufacturers known for producing high quality spearfishing equipment.
Personal Preference: Consider any personal preferences you might have, such as color or design. While not directly affecting the performance, personal preferences can contribute to your overall satisfaction with the wishbone.



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