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Magene L508 Radar rear light

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Product description Magene L508 Radar rear light

The radar rear light of the Magene L508 radar adopts millimeter wave pulse signals and has a 40° beam angle, capable of detecting rear vehicles within 140m, even when cornering.

Support 5 light modes, suitable for various scenarios.It can provide accurate visual and audible alerts from the display terminal to warn of vehicles approaching from behind up to 140 meters away, helping cyclists to be fully aware of their surroundings.The L508´s radar has a beam angle of up to 40°, so it can detect vehicles behind when cornering.

Eliminate the blind spot and protect you all the way.

The L508´s radar uses millimeter-wave pulse signals to provide comprehensive and stable detection of high-speed motor vehicles and even slow-moving bicycles.It supports 220° wide viewing angle with visibility up to 1.2km and effective warning of rear vehicles to ensure safe driving.Supports up to 5 modes and ensures quick and easy one-click switching.

You can preset the radar on/off in each light mode through the Magene Utility app to combine the light and radar as you like.The taillight is equipped with a built-in high-precision acceleration sensor, to quickly detect and enter the 3-second highlight mode even under light braking, while ignoring jolts and small bumps to prevent false starts.If the rear vehicle suddenly comes from behind within 140m, the tail light will flash for 2 seconds.

It warns the rear vehicle to keep a safe distance from you and protects you from safety hazards caused by sudden acceleration of the rear vehicle on the open road.The tail light can be connected to cycle computers, watches or other display devices that support standard protocol, such as Magene C406 Pro smart cycle computer, Garmin Partial, Wahoo, Bryton cycle computers and Garmin Partial watches, etc.*Learn more about compatible models in the specificationsSpecs:.

Model:L508 Radar Tail LightDimensions:38x94x25mm.

Weight:65 gramsMaximum detection distance:140 metersHorizontal detection angle:40°Vertical detection angle:-10° to +10°Relative speed of detectable targets:10 - 120 km/hCharging port:Type-CWireless protocol:Bluetooth and ANT+Modes:5 types (FIXED mode, FLASHING mode, PULSE mode, SQUAD mode and RADAR mode only)Autonomy:Up to 12 hours in PULSE mode / Up to 10 hours in INTERMITTENT mode / Up to 8 hours in SQUAD mode / Up to 6 hours in FIXED mode / Up to 3 months in stand-by (standby).

Brightness:20lm (FIXED mode) / 20 lm (FLASHING mode) / 6 lm (SQUAD mode) / 3-20 lm (PULSE mode)Intelligent brake detection:YESAuto-sleep / Auto-wake:YESView Angle:220°Compatible with AERO seatposts:YesWaterproof grade:IPX7Compatible Cycle Computers:Garmin:130, 130 Plus, 520, 520 Plus, 530, 820, 830, 1000, 1030, 1030 Plus / Wahoo:Bolt, Roam / Bryton:R750, S500 / Magene:C406 Pro 8Compatible watches:Garmin:245, 645, 735, 745, 935, 945, D2, Fenix 5, 5S, 5X, 5Plus, 5xPlus, 6S, 6X, 6Pro, 6sPro, 6xProApplication:APP Magene Utility.

Features Magene L508 Radar rear light

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Technology Magene L508 Radar rear light

Sustainable Magene L508 Radar rear light

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Experts review. Magene L508 Radar rear light

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Magene L508 Radar rear light

Does what you expect



Great product, it just works (w/ Wahoo Bolt v2). Bike computer can turn on, change modes of light/radar when you start/during ride and when finish ride can turn it off. A lot customization of light patterns in the Magene app, that latter you can control with head unit.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Very reliable radar


Xavier López

It may not have the fame of GARMIN devices but it works just as well and is cheaper.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Great for security



The magene radar is an excellent product, for safety above all it works wonderfully since I got it I feel safer on the road Top price on bikeinn My computer is a sigma rox 11.1 Evo

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Magellan radar



Works well as a rear light and shows vehicles approaching from behind also well.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Obligation light



If you go out alone to train, this light is almost mandatory, because the fact that it warns you of the arrival of the cars is great so that you can get even further into the shoulder, it is the same as the Garmin but cheaper and the configuration is like another device, simple and fast, happy and even more so with the website

Magene L508 Radar rear light

All perfect



Everything has arrived as indicated, very reliable

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Radar ok



Everything is perfect, a 10, it works very very well, I recommend it, perfect with karro2 and garmin 1030 plus ok

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Works very well



With the last update, Sigma Rox 11.1 Evo brought out the connection of radar devices. So I was looking for a device that was compatible. The connection went smoothly. When a vehicle approaches, an alarm and a display are given. Works surprisingly well. However, the different light modes can also be used to operate the rear light in compliance with the German Road Traffic Act, since flashing lights are not permitted in Germany. I am therefore very satisfied after a 30 km ride. It's nice that connections for Garnin devices can then also be used for assembly.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Safety with quality


Rafa Monte

Intense light with several configurable modes from the Magene app. Radar without false negatives, very intuitive, connects with GPS (wahoo) the first time, with also configurable warnings. Adapters for aero and standard seatposts, sufficient support. A great safety tool for the road, a must have

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Magene l508 radar rear light


Luís Sequeira

It Works very well. I have Garmin 530 Edge. Very useful and helps a lot in the safety of the cyclist.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Very good, but I would like these kind of devices to have a gps functionality



The light functions as advertised and detect cars. My only critic of these devices (also go for garmin) is that in urban areas the warning will be constant. You can turn off the audible warning, but I would like this to be off in the city and on in the countryside. Should be possible to use GPS or have a setting that says that x amount of warnings within a minute will pause the audible warning for that area.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Good buy


H Yamamuro

Thanks to this product, it became possible to deal with the approach of a car from behind with a margin. There are additional detections, but there are no non-detections. Note that it disappears when the car reaches the same speed as the bike. Once you get used to this, you can recognize that the approaching car is behind you.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Good stuff



Works perfect with my Wahoo. All cars were detected. Recommended.

Magene L508 Radar rear light



Lucimar Miranda Coelho

great acquisition, works very well in addition to bringing safety on the pedal

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Radar/light highly recommended



I tried it yesterday and very happy. It gives a very good security plus. highly recommended

Magene L508 Radar rear light



Paulo Lovatto

Excellent product. Worth every penny. A true investment in security. It is no longer necessary to look back when something approaches or I have to dodge an obstacle. Everything as expected. I don't know how I lived without it. Super recommended.

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Magene L508 Radar rear light

Compatible con hammerhead karoo 2?



Hola Es Compatible con hammerhead karoo 2?

Answer of Árok

Yes, perfect with Karoo2.

Answer of Andreas

Yes, I have been using it with Hammerhead Karoo 2 and it works perfectly. Also shows in the display where cars are behind you and how many of them there are.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Compatible con Mhale display



Es compatible con mhale display??

Answer of Bogdan

I don’t think because the mhale appears to be a display with ‘digits’ rather than a graphic one ( needed to show the color lateral band with moving cars from your back). The connection is done via BT or ant+, but the capability of displaying the info is a matter of the device (mhale).

Answer of Laurent

Compatible with all meters from the moment the meter and bluetooth and ant+ My meter and a sigma rox 11.1 for example and it works very well

Magene L508 Radar rear light



Kobus Smit

Hi, will it pair with Wahoo computer?

Answer of Juanjo

I use Garmin, I don´t use Wahoo. According to the specifications, it would be compatible with Wahoo Bolt and Roam cycle computers

Answer of Carsten

Yes, it will definitely pair with a Wahoo. Mine is an ELMNT Roam 2022 and both devices work together perfectly.

Answer of Wing Fai

I pair it with Garmin 530 hassle free. Don´t think it will have any issue with Wahoo.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

¿Es compatible con SIGMA ROX 12?



I would like to know if it is compatible with the Sigma Rox 12 GPS. Not the current rox 12.1 evo. If not with the previous one, the rox 12

Answer of Carlos

Hi, I don´t know, I use it with the Garmin 830 and it works perfectly.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Pairing with phone



I use my smartphone with an app (openrunner) to record/follow a track. Can I pair this light/radar with the phone to be notified on my phone of detected cars?

Answer of Carlos

I don´t think it´s possible, I use it on my Garmin and it works great.

Answer of Carsten

Hi, my guess is that this depends on the functionalties of the app you are using. As far as I know a common app to navigation and recording of tracks such as Kommoot does not offer detection of approaching vehicles. I use my Magene 508 with a Wahoo ELMNT Bolt and it works great.

Answer of Esa

Also works without a meter with the phone.

Magene L508 Radar rear light




Apart from the acoustic system, the system is also visible on the cycle computer like the Garmin to be clearer than you see a dot that indicates car on bike catholic bye and thanks

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Compatibility with Garmin Vivoactive3 watch



Is it compatible with a Garmin Vivoactive3 watch?

Answer of Juanjo

Garmin Vivoactive 3 was not on the list of compatible smartwatches described at the time I made the purchase about 6 months ago.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

looking for firmware update ,- why can't it download successfully to my phone


Richard Nurgitz

wanted to load the android app so I can update ,the firmware but says it is not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy S20

Answer of Claudomiro

I use the S21 and it works normally. Try to update Android and reinstall Magene Utility.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Bike computer compatibility



Bike computer compatibility Magene C406 GPS Yes or Not

Answer of Luis

I don´t have the Magene C406 bike computer. I have another computer, but it works perfectly

Answer of Mohammad

It is compatible with my Garmin edge 1000, great product. According to Magene, the tail light can be connected to bike computers, watches, or other display devices that can support the standard radar protocol, such as Magene C406 Pro smart bike computer, partial Garmin, Wahoo, Bryton bike computers and partial Garmin fitness watches, etc. You may unlock radar display function on Magene Utility APP by paying .99 or subscribing the newsletter.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Is this light works with GARMIN edge 530



Is this light works with GARMIN 530 edge

Answer of jorge

Yes it works with the Garmin Edge, I´ve already tested it with the 510/810/820/1000/1030 Apart from the 820 where the GPS autonomy goes from 8h to less than 5h in restaurants it works perfect and is a very useful accessory.

Answer of Paulo Ricardo

Perfect. Works with Edge 530, no problem.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Is it compatible whit galaxy watch



I was wondering if it work whit an smartwatch or Android phone thanks

Answer of David

The light works with an Android phone. Greetings

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Does it Work with Garmin



Does it work with Garmin Edge Explorer?

Answer of Juanjo

Yes. Without any problem.

Magene L508 Radar rear light




Hello, is this compatible with my garmin 1030?

Answer of jorge

Yes it is compatible with Edge 1030

Answer of Paulo Ricardo

Yes, it is compatible with Garmin 1030. Great performance, you can buy without fear.

Answer of Vincent

Yes, I use it with my own Garmin 1030. The Magene unit connects to the Garmin 1030 and functions as advertised.

Answer of Wilson

It works with my Garmin 520 edge with no problem. It should work with Garmin 1030.

Magene L508 Radar rear light



Oscar Cabello

Is it compatible with the bryton 800?

Answer of Paulo Ricardo

If the GPS is compatible with ant+, yes

Magene L508 Radar rear light

iPhone and an app



Instead of a head unit can this be used on an iPhone with an app?

Answer of Paulo Ricardo

In the manual there is a description of use with a smartphone, but I don´t know if the iPhone is enabled.

Magene L508 Radar rear light

Payment/ accessories


Fabiano Colussi

Does it come with all accessories to attach to the bike?

Answer of Antonio Xufre

Good quality products and good price from bikeinn Super works in the road feel more safe while riding my bike.Thanks to bike inn And yes i totally recommend to all my biker friends…

Answer of Paulo Ricardo

The radar comes ready to use, with adapters for different types of canopies. Very vomy.

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