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About Roborock
Roborock ´s journey began in 2014 when a group of tech enthusiasts in China came together to revolutionize home cleaning. Their first breakthrough came with the launch of the Roborock vacuum cleaner robot, which showcased intelligent navigation and impressive cleaning capabilities. This initial success laid the foundation for the brand´s expansion into various cleaning solutions. Over the years, Roborock has consistently pushed the boundaries of what´s possible in-home cleaning technology. They have introduced features like app-controlled cleaning, room-specific cleaning schedules, and self-emptying docks to make cleaning more convenient than ever.
The release of the Roborock S7 solidified the brand´s commitment to innovation. This model showcases their dedication to improving cleaning performance with its sonic mopping technology, making it a favorite among homeowners seeking an all-in-one cleaning solution. Roborock has made a significant impact on the home cleaning industry by consistently delivering innovative and efficient products. Roborock ´s commitment to simplifying and enhancing the cleaning experience is evident in its range of high-quality products.

Innovating Home Cleaning Solutions

Roborock is a leading brand in the world of home cleaning solutions, known for its innovative and intelligent Roborock vacuum cleaners. Founded in 2014, the company has rapidly gained recognition for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to making household chores easier and more efficient. Roborock vacuum cleaner robots have redefined the way people clean their homes. These robotic devices are equipped with advanced sensors and mapping technology, allowing them to navigate and clean rooms with precision. With features like app control and voice assistant compatibility, users can conveniently schedule and customize their cleaning routines.
In addition to its robot vacuums, the brand offers a range of Roborock broom vacuum cleaners designed for quick and effective cleaning. These lightweight and cordless devices are ideal for tackling everyday messes, ensuring that your floors remain spotless with minimal effort. Roborock´s auto-empty dock is a game-changer for robot vacuum owners. It provides a hands-free solution to disposing of dust and debris collected during cleaning. When the robot returns to its dock, the dock automatically empties the contents into a sealed bag, keeping your home and the environment clean.
The Roborock S7 is one of the brand´s flagship robot vacuum models. It boasts innovative features like sonic mopping technology, which scrubs floors at a high frequency to remove stubborn stains. This model also offers multi-floor mapping, allowing it to clean various levels of your home effortlessly. The S7 adapts to different floor types, making it suitable for both hard floors and carpets.