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About Wacom
Wacom is a globally renowned brand that has been at the forefront of digital creativity since its inception in 1983. The company´s unwavering commitment to innovation and empowering artists, designers, and creative professionals has made Wacom a household name in the world of graphic tablets and digital pen technology. Wacom´s journey began in Japan when a group of visionaries set out to transform the way artists and designers work. Their goal was to bridge the gap between traditional and digital art, and this endeavor led to the creation of the first electromagnetic resonance technology, setting the stage for a digital revolution.
Wacom has been an industry leader for nearly four decades, providing artists and professionals with cutting-edge technology that has redefined the creative process. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and user satisfaction, Wacom continues to inspire and empower the world´s creative minds, pushing the boundaries of digital art and design.

Enabling Creative Excellence Since 1983

The Wacom tablet, a cornerstone of the brand´s product line, provides an unparalleled digital drawing experience. With pressure-sensitive pens and customizable buttons, Wacom tablets are the canvas for digital artists, illustrators, and photographers. They come in various sizes and configurations to cater to different creative needs. Wacom drawing tablets are the quintessential tools for artists seeking precision and control in their creative process. These tablets come with a responsive surface that accurately captures the nuances of a digital pen, delivering lifelike strokes and unmatched expressiveness.
Wacom´s dedication to enhancing the user experience extends to accessories like tablet holders. Wacom tablet holders are designed to provide ergonomic support for the tablet, ensuring artists can work comfortably for extended periods. Wacom is not limited to the world of visual art; it also plays a crucial role in digital signatures. Wacom tablet signatures are widely used for electronic signatures in various industries, from finance to healthcare. Their accuracy and security make them a trusted choice for authentication and legal documentation.
At the heart of Wacom´s success is the Wacom digital pen. These pens are engineered for precision, offering natural control over brushstrokes and lines. They are designed to be comfortable, responsive, and customizable to the artist´s preferences. For professional artists and designers, the Wacom CINTIQ series stands out as the pinnacle of creative tools. These interactive pen displays combine a high-resolution screen with the sensitivity and accuracy of the digital pen. The result is a seamless workflow where your creativity flows directly onto the screen.