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Vibram Fivefingers

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About Vibram Fivefingers
Vibram is a brand known for manufacturing rubber outsoles footwear. The brand is named after its creator Vitale Bramani who invented these rubber-soled shoes for the first time. Vibram was founded in Italy in 1937, and its headquarters are in Albizzate. The company changed the concept of leather soles with steel cleats from rubber soles to make them super durable for mountaineering. These rubber soles are designed perfectly to enhance the performance on every surface and can save the feet by providing resistance from abrasion. Thus, these soles are the creation of Vibram; that´s why they are known as Vibram soles.
The brand´s dedication to offering its consumers the best products leads it to make new and advanced innovative products. One of the most well-known shoes Vibram offers is the best to help enthusiasts run faster. The best characteristic that makes it unique is the five fingers shoes. Vibram five-finger shoes are the finest example of barefoot shoes. These shoes ultimately take the brand to the sky for their higher performance than the general mountain boots. It is an ultimate illustration of natural style by offering an innovative five fingers design.
Vibram´s five fingers completely changed the world of traditional outdoor boots into some unique and interesting method through its creativity. These are designed in such a way as to improve your gym training and help you run faster by offering enough support and comfort to the feet. Moreover, these shoes give you the best-barefooted experience without damaging the feet. In this way, you can balance yourself and grip the surface better, just like one can do when he has no shoes on his feet, by simultaneously helping himself to avoid any injuries caused by the stones or rough surface due to the thin rubber soles.
Vibram toe shoes are the perfect example of innovation and comfort. These incredible minimalist shoes are designed for all types of mountain sports and trail running. There is a widest range of shoe options in different styles and various colors to give you the best-barefooted practice and are a good alternative for those heavy-weight leather boots that can limit your outdoor activities. Vibram shoes are undoubtedly a great choice for every athlete who wants to do their best in nature without compromising comfort. The brand also launched the security sole to offer the first lifetime guaranteed shoe soles. Also, they achieved great success in maintaining the quality of these shoes for many decades and they have received trust from their customers worldwide.