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About Heelys
Founded in 2000, Heelys it is formerly known as Heeling Sports Limited is a renowned American company that specializes in designing and producing high-quality footwear for both men and women. Currently, the company owns the leading brands namely Axis, Heelys, and Soap. Heelys headquarters is located in Carrollton, Texas. Heelys shoes come with removable wheels, so you can walk, run or roll, anytime, anywhere, as you like.
Heelys, the iconic brand synonymous with fun and innovation, has revolutionized the world of footwear with its unique and stylish design – shoes with wheels seamlessly integrated into the soles. The appeal of Heelys transcends age and gender, offering a thrilling and distinctive experience for wearers of all kinds.
Heelys shoes have become a cultural phenomenon, capturing the imagination of children, teenagers, and even adults. This footwear innovation has transformed the way people move, turning an ordinary stroll into a glide with the simple shift of body weight. As a result, Heelys has become the go-to brand for those seeking not only fashionable footwear but also an exciting mode of transportation.
The diversity within the Heelys product range ensures that there´s something for everyone. Heelys shoes for girls feature vibrant colors and trendy designs, combining fashion with functionality to cater to the preferences of young trendsetters. Boys, on the other hand, can enjoy Heelys shoes designed to withstand their active lifestyles, offering durability and style in equal measure.
Heelys shoes for kids encapsulate the brand´s commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable experience. With features tailored to the needs of children, these shoes bring joy and excitement to everyday activities.

For those young at spirit, Heelys shoes for men and women offer a playful yet sophisticated take on casual footwear. The brand understands that the thrill of gliding isn´t limited by age, and their designs reflect this inclusivity.
The defining feature of Heelys, of course, is the wheels seamlessly incorporated into the soles. Heelys shoes with wheels allow wearers to transition effortlessly from walking to gliding, adding an element of excitement to every step. This innovative design has made Heelys a trendsetter, attracting a global community of enthusiasts who appreciate the perfect fusion of style and functionality.
Heelys has left an indelible mark on the world of footwear, transforming ordinary shoes into a mode of transportation. With options catering to girls, boys, kids, men, and women, Heelys continues to capture the imagination of a diverse audience, one wheel-stride at a time.