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Tips to choose a roof rack for your car?

Roof rack accessories include everything you need for roof racks and this is where you will find all the accessories like roof rack protector, roof rack pads, and more. Roof rack accessories are hardware mounted to the top of your car that is used to carry and store high volume equipment. A roof rack protector is an accessory designed to protect your vehicle´s roof rack, roof bars, and the items you load onto them. This helps prevent scratches, dents, and other damage to the vehicle´s finish. Various types of bike racks can be mounted on a roof rack and wheel mounted bike racks.

Luggage boxes are particularly useful for travelers who need to carry large items that cannot fit inside a standard suitcase. They provide additional storage space and protect belongings from weather conditions and theft. Luggage boxes can also be useful for people who need to transport equipment such as skis, bikes, or camping gear.
You can buy luggage boxes from Jobe, Dakine, Surflogic, ION, Seland, and Surf System.
Car and boat racks are equipment designed to transport various types of vehicles, equipment, or cargo on the roof or rear of a car or boat, expanding their storage and transportation capabilities. They are commonly used by outdoor enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts, travelers, and those who need to transport specialized equipment. Here´s an overview of car and boat racks:

Car racks:
Roof racks:
Roof racks are mounted on the roof of a car and provide a platform for carrying a wide range of items, including bicycles, kayaks, skis, cargo boxes, and more.
They consist of crossbars that attach to the roof rails or directly to the car´s roof, providing a secure base for additional attachments.
Roof racks are versatile and can be customized with various attachments based on your needs.

Bike racks:
Bike racks are designed to transport bicycles securely on a car. They can be mounted on the roof, rear trunk, or hitch of the vehicle.
Types of bike racks include roof mounted, trunk mounted, and hitch mounted racks, each with its own advantages and considerations.

Kayak and canoe racks:
These racks are designed to carry kayaks and canoes on the roof or rear of a car.
Roof mounted kayak racks often use J bars or cradles to secure the kayak, while rear mounted racks are designed to carry the kayak on the back of the vehicle.

Ski and snowboard racks:
Ski and snowboard racks attach to the roof rack and allow you to transport skis and snowboards securely without taking up space inside the car.

Cargo boxes and baskets:
Cargo boxes are enclosed containers that mount on the roof rack, providing extra storage space for luggage, camping gear, and other items.
Cargo baskets are open platforms that can hold bulkier items and are secured to the roof rack.

Surfboard racks:
These racks are designed to transport surfboards on the roof of a car. They typically consist of padded bars or straps to hold the surfboard securely.

Boat racks:
Boat racks for cars:
These are similar to kayak and canoe racks but designed specifically for transporting boats, including larger vessels like small boats and sailboats.
They can be mounted on the roof, rear, or hitch of a car, depending on the type of boat being transported.
Car and boat racks are essential accessories for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and anyone who needs to transport specialized equipment. When using these racks, it´s crucial to ensure that they are properly installed, and the load is securely fastened to prevent accidents while driving.