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About ION
ION is an Australian sportswear label that was based in 2004. With the special combination of superior quality wetsuits and advanced wear, ION has gained a massive reputation from its lovers all over the globe. Later in 2012, ION presented a unique and spate bike section by providing cycling gear, clothing, gloves, and safety accessories. The enterprise’s ideology is based on challenging various conditions and experiencing a new level of accomplishment. They develop new and smart gear to improve your performance.
ION is a top manufacturer in the kingdom of swimming equipment, famous for its relentless commitment to preparing high-performance products that improve aquatic experiences. With a rich legacy of creation and a commitment to greatness, IONhas become a trusted label in the swimming society.
At the core of ION´s identity is the pursuit of perfection in swim gear. Whether it´s swimwear, goggles, caps, or accessories, ION’s products are uniquely developed and precisely tested to satisfy the challenging needs of swimmers at every level, from novices to Olympic champions. The brand´s swimwear incorporates cutting-edge materials and ergonomic patterns to provide optimal hydrodynamics, ensuring swimmers achieve their best performance in the water.

ION brand’s collection of swimming gear and equipment

ION swimming shorts are made from high-quality, quick-drying fabrics that confirm you stay comfy in and out of the water. ION duffles usually come prepared with comfy, padded handles, as well as flexible and separable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.
ION’s kayak rash guards are typically created from high-quality materials that offer superior UV protection. They protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun´s rays, decreasing the chance of sunburn and long-term skin harm during vast kayaking sessions. ION kitesurf rash guards are prepared to provide a snug yet comfy fit. The close-fitting design lowers friction between your skin and the harness or kite.
ION scooter helmets have impact-absorbing fabrics and designs that help lessen the power of impacts on the head in the possibility of a crash or fall. ION skateboard body protections are designed to offer skateboarders with necessary safety equipment to reduce the chance of injury while riding and executing tricks.
ION sup leashes are specifically formed for stand-up paddleboarding and are important for protecting both beginners and expert paddlers. ION surfing clothing incorporates functionality, convenience, and fashion to improve the surfing experience. They present a vast range of surfing clothing developed to meet the demands of surfers. ION wakeboard protections are important safety gear created to offer protection and comfort for wakeboarders.