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About Yow
Founded in 2016 by passionate surfers and skaters, YOW set out to revolutionize the way people experience movement on land. YOW achieved this by creating innovative surfskate products that allow riders to replicate the sensation of surfing on the pavement. YOW offers a diverse range of products to cater to all ages and skill levels. YOW´s flagship product.
YOW Cruisers are unique skateboards designed to provide a smooth and stable ride, inspired by the feeling of surfing. YOW Cruisers utilize patented Legasee Trucks that offer a blend of carving and pumping abilities, allowing them to carve deep easily. YOW Cruisers trucks also provide enough stability for comfortable pushing and executing basic skateboarding tricks. YOW Cruisers offer various sizes, ranging from the compact 26.5´´ Pocket Rem to the longer 32´´ Bliss.
YOW Surfskates are a unique and innovative type of skateboard designed to replicate the feeling of surfing on land. YOW Surfskates features a unique patented spring system that mimics the turning radius and responsiveness of a surfboard. YOW allows riders to carve, pump, and practice their surfing skills.
Yow tote bags are made of 100% organic cotton and have a spacious interior. Yow tote bags are designed for both functionality and elegance, making them suitable for various activities such as traveling, and skating.
Yow skate wheels are designed for carving, and cruising. These wheels provide excellent grip, control, and responsiveness, allowing riders to push their limits and explore their full potential. Yow skate wheels are suitable for riding on various terrains. Yow skate wheels are known for their smooth and fast rolling ability, making them perfect for surf skating enthusiasts.
Yow surfskate deck offers riders a platform to replicate the sensations of surfing on land. Yow surfskate decks have different wheelbases, concaves, and shapes, allowing riders to choose the best option for their skill level and preferred style of riding. Yow surfskate deck allows you to practice your surfing skills, improve your balance and coordination, and experience the thrill of carving and pumping, even when you´re far from the waves.
Yow skate accessories and parts are the tools that empower you to personalize Yow surfskate and take your riding to the next level. From essential hardware to performance-enhancing upgrades, Yow skate accessories and parts provide a diverse range of options to cater to your individual needs and preferences. Yow Bolts and Nuts Hardware Pack securely fasten your trucks and deck with the Yow Bolts and Nuts Hardware Pack ensuring a stable and reliable ride. Yow Bearings and Washers Pack keeps your wheels spinning smoothly and efficiently with the Yow Bearings and Washers Pack. These high-quality bearings are designed for optimal performance and durability.