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How to repair a wetsuit?

If you need to repair a wetsuit, there are a few options available to you, depending on the extent of the damage and your level of comfort with repairs. The repairers include adhesives, oils, resins, silicones, and sets. You can buy these repairs from Powerslide, Jobe, Yow, Rollerblade, ION, and Emerica.

Resins can be used for wetsuit repairs, primarily when dealing with larger tears, holes, or neoprene delamination. However, it´s essential to use the right type of resin and follow proper repair techniques for effective and durable results. Apply a thin, even layer of neoprene resins to both the damaged area and the patch material. Allow the resins to become tacky before pressing the patch onto the damaged area. Apply firm pressure to ensure a strong bond.

Using adhesives for wetsuit repairs can be an effective way to mend small tears, holes, or damage to the seams or neoprene material. There are specialized wetsuit adhesives available for this purpose, and they are typically designed to work well with neoprene and provide a strong bond.

There are many different tools to repair the wet suit. Remember to carefully read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your wetsuit repair materials. It´s also a good idea to practice in an inconspicuous area or seek professional help if youre uncertain about the repair process. The repair tool for wetsuit are as follows:

Socket head multitool
A socket head multi tool can be a handy addition to your wetsuit repair kit, especially if your wetsuit features grommets, snaps, or other fasteners that may need adjustments or repairs.

Patch material:
Neoprene patches can be used to cover larger holes or tears in your wetsuit. These patches are often made of the same neoprene material as the wetsuit and can be applied with adhesive.
You may need a pair of scissors to trim excess material or cut patches to the desired size. There are many different sizes or types of blades in scissors, so choose the one you need.