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About Lacoste
Lacoste is an elegant clothing brand founded by legendary tennis champion Rene Lacoste. The brand was created in 1933 and manufactured clothing, attire, footwear, perfumes, towels, eyewear, watches, and much more. The headquarters of the company are in Troyes, France. The brand embodied trends in every product by repeatedly innovating and reinventing the product. It has made creativity its passion for offering style as a way of life. The brand’s founder made his first example of short-sleeved Lacoste polo shirts that allow air to pass due to their breathable material and increase the player´s movement in freestyle for better performance.
Rene Lacoste has been given the nickname of The Crocodile due to his outstanding performance, and thus, his name is used as a symbol in his brand´s logo. This crocodile symbol in the brand´s products has become popular worldwide. The brand has earned its trust and name by offering premium quality products. You can buy each of Lacoste´s products on Dressinn.

Why does the Lacoste brand have such a good reputation?

Lacoste has a heritage of about more than 88 years. Lacoste shirts are classic and trendy shirts inspired by sports, and these iconic shirts are mainly made with primary cotton fabric. Every shirt has earned its tag for its extraordinary features. The brand takes the initiative in innovating advanced technology products step by step to maintain the rhythm. Make your wardrobe fall ready with a lightweight hoodie. The organic Lacoste hoodie is topped off with great detailing, good-quality drawstrings, and soft cotton fleece fabric to keep you warm.
In the cold winter season, a wide selection of Lacoste sweaters are designed to keep you comfortable. The brand is very famous for offering a premium knitwear collection. They are made with super fine material and come with various color options to choose from your favorite ones. If you want to feel warm and comfortable while looking super stylish at the same time, then the Lacoste jacket is the perfect choice for you. These jackets are ideal for winter for their windbreaker ability.
The brand also offers a huge range of Lacoste shoes that are very famous worldwide. They are undoubtedly an excellent choice for everyone for their stylish appearance and provide complete warmth and comfort to the feet. Lacoste sneakers are made with good-quality leather with a rubber sole for perfect grip, and the fabric embellishment makes it more unique while the extra cushioning gives proper comfort. Lastly, complete your look with a Lacoste hat to make sure all eyes should be on you.