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About Garmin
Discover the power of Garmin at Swiminn, your ultimate destination for swimming gear and accessories. Garmin, a leader in fitness and outdoor technology, offers a comprehensive range of products designed to elevate your swimming experience. With advanced features, precise tracking, and durable designs, Garmin equips swimmers of all levels with the tools they need to maximize performance and achieve their goals. With Garmin´s range of swimming watches, activity trackers, and multisport smartwatches, Swiminn offers the perfect selection for swimmers of all levels. Whether you are looking to track your performance, improve your technique, or explore new swimming spots, Garmin provides the tools and technology to make the most of your time in the water. Dive into the world of Garmin at Swiminn and discover your swimming potential.

Unleash your potential in the water with Garmin

Garmin´s swimming watches are purpose-built to provide accurate tracking and essential metrics for swimmers. These watches offer features such as lap counting, stroke identification, distance tracking, and SWOLF scores to measure efficiency. With water-resistant designs, sleek aesthetics, and customizable data fields, Garmin swimming watches ensure that you can focus on your technique and progress. Garmin´s swimming activity trackers are designed to capture comprehensive data during your swim sessions. These compact devices offer features like stroke detection, duration tracking, and calories burned, giving you insights into your swimming performance. With water-resistant construction and long battery life, Garmin swimming activity trackers are perfect for swimmers looking to monitor their progress and set new goals. These lightweight and comfortable devices can be worn on your wrist.
The Garmin Swim 2 is a feature-packed swimming watch designed to enhance your performance in the water. With built-in GPS, underwater heart rate monitoring, and advanced swimming metrics, the Swim 2 provides valuable data for analyzing your swims and improving your technique. Its sleek design, easy-to-read display, and open-water swim mode make it an excellent choice for swimmers of all levels. The Garmin Instinct 2 is a rugged GPS smartwatch that´s equally at home in the water as it is on land. Designed for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, Instinct 2 offers swim-tracking features, including stroke detection, distance tracking, and SWOLF scores. With its robust construction, advanced navigation, and multisport capabilities, the Instinct 2 is your go-to companion for swimming and other outdoor activities.
The Garmin Venu is a versatile smartwatch that brings style and functionality to your swimming sessions. With built-in activity profiles, including swimming, the Venu offers accurate tracking of your swim metrics, heart rate monitoring, and advanced health insights. The Garmin Epix is a premium GPS mapping watch that caters to swimmers and outdoor enthusiasts. With advanced tracking functions, multisport capabilities, and durable construction, the Epix is the perfect companion for swimmers embarking on aquatic adventures.