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How to choose swimming equipment for beginners?

Aquagym, also known as water aerobics or aquatic fitness, is a form of exercise that takes place in a swimming pool. It involves performing various aerobic and resistance exercises in the water under the guidance of a trained instructor. Aquagym combines the benefits of water resistance with the principles of traditional aerobics and fitness training. The buoyancy of water reduces the impact on joints, making it a low impact exercise option suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

Swimming fins are specialized swimming accessories that are worn on the feet to enhance propulsion and speed in the water. They are typically made from rubber or silicone and feature a blade like design that extends from the heel to the tip of the toes.
The main purpose of swimming fins is to increase the surface area of the foot and provide additional thrust and power with each kick. When worn, the fins effectively enlarge the size of the foot, allowing swimmers to move more water and generate greater propulsion. This can result in increased speed and efficiency during swimming.

Swimming floats are buoyant objects designed to assist individuals in maintaining buoyancy and stability in the water. They are commonly used in swimming, water sports, and aquatic activities for various purposes, including safety, learning to swim, and fitness training.

Swimming pull buoys
Swimming pull buoys are popular training aids used by swimmers of all levels to isolate and strengthen the upper body while swimming. They are buoyant devices typically made of foam or inflatable materials, shaped like a figure eight or hourglass. Pull buoys are placed between the legs, specifically in the area above the thighs, to provide buoyancy and keep the legs afloat. The main purpose of a swimming pull buoy is to enhance upper body and arm strength by immobilizing the legs. By eliminating the need to kick for propulsion, swimmers can solely focus on their upper body movements, such as arm strokes and torso rotation. This isolation allows swimmers to develop and refine their pulling technique, increase upper body endurance, and improve swimming efficiency.

Swimming monofins are specialized swimming fins that are designed to unite both feet into a single fin like structure. They are often used in competitive swimming, synchronized swimming, and recreational swimming to enhance propulsion and swimming technique.
A swimming monofin typically consists of a single large fin blade made of lightweight and flexible materials such as fiberglass or plastic. The swimmer´s feet are inserted into foot pockets located at the base of the fin, and straps or neoprene socks are used to secure the feet in place.

Swimming pull snorkels are specialized training devices used by swimmers to enhance their technique, efficiency, and overall performance in the water. These snorkels are designed specifically for swimming and differ from regular snorkels used for snorkeling or diving.
A swimming pull snorkel consists of a tube that extends above the water surface, allowing swimmers to breathe without turning their head to the side or lifting it out of the water. The snorkel tube is attached to a head strap or swim cap to secure it in place, leaving the swimmer´s mouth and nose free for breathing.

Swimming paddles
The swimming paddles are the devices used by swimmers while training. It consists of a pliable plating worn over the swimmer´s hand and tied over the rear of the swimmer´s hand with adjustable strings. The paddle is usually pierced with a design of holes.

Race belts and chip bands for swimming
The race belts and chip bands are the two very valuable gears that estimate your execution. The Chip band is normally connected to the ankle. The race belt is used to wear at the back to calculate your performance.

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