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Recovery and care

Swimming Recovery and care

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What helps sore muscles after swimming?

Articular protectors

The benefit of articular protectors is verified to be sufficient for revealing sore muscles and can assist relieve pain, swelling, and pressure in muscles while sports or any physical activity. The articular protectors are used by athletes on their knees to maintain them covered against harm in case of fall or hit. The articular protectors are utilized to restrain fractures and injuries.


Electrostimulators, also known as electrical muscle stimulation EMS devices, are devices that use electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contractions. They are designed to aid in muscle training, recovery, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. Electrostimulators work by sending electrical pulses through electrodes placed on the skin, which then activate the underlying muscles. The electrical impulses generated by electrostimulators mimic the natural electrical signals produced by the central nervous system to activate muscle fibers. By stimulating the muscles, electrostimulation can help improve muscle strength, endurance, and tone. It can also assist in reducing muscle soreness and promoting blood circulation, aiding in muscle recovery after intense workouts or injuries.

First aids

First aids generally hold a variety of essentials that will assist treat scratches, blemishes, and damages, such as sprains and cuts. A first aid kit is a collection of medical supplies and equipment that is used to provide initial medical treatment in the event of an injury, illness, or emergency situation. It is designed to be easily accessible and contains a range of essential items to address common injuries or medical conditions. The contents of a first aid kit may vary depending on the intended use, but there are some basic items that are commonly found in most kits.

Smart scales

Body arrangement measures comprise body fat, muscle mass, protein abundance, and heart rate. With time the user can notice, in particular, the effects of their weight loss or wellness program. A smart scale, also known as a connected or digital scale, is a type of weighing scale that uses advanced technology to provide additional functionality beyond simply measuring body weight. It is designed to connect to smartphones, tablets, or other devices via Bluetooth or Wi Fi, allowing users to track and analyze their weight and other body composition metrics. These scales typically use bioelectrical impedance analysis BIA technology to measure not only weight but also other body composition metrics such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, water weight, and more.

Self massage and pressotherapy

Self massage and pressotherapy are two techniques used for therapeutic purposes, particularly in the areas of muscle relaxation, pain relief, and circulation improvement.
Self massage, as the name suggests, involves using hands, fingers, or specific tools to apply pressure and manipulate soft tissues in various parts of the body. Self massage techniques can target specific areas of tension, soreness, or discomfort, such as the neck, shoulders, back, arms, or legs. The pressure applied during self massage can help relieve muscle tension, increase blood flow, and alleviate stress. Different techniques like kneading, circular motions, or gentle strokes can be used depending on the desired effect.
Pressotherapy, also known as pneumatic compression therapy, is a treatment that involves the application of controlled pressure to the limbs or specific body parts using specialized devices. These devices typically consist of inflatable chambers or sleeves that are wrapped around the area to be treated. The chambers inflate and deflate sequentially, creating a gentle massaging effect that stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.

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More about recovery and care include taping, personal care, sports creams, rollers, and massage balls. You can buy all these recovery and care products from Zone3, Turbo, Sailfish, Garmin, Softee, and Madwave.