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How to choose the best climbing harnesses for you

If you are a beginner in the climbing sport, your first step is to understand the anatomy of climbing harnesses before determining which one to choose. A harness has the following parts; Waist Belt, Buckles, Leg loops, Gear loops, Haul loop, Belay loop, Tie in points and Rise/elastic straps.

Types of harnesses

Harnesses are designed for particular climbing styles. Following are the few common and most popular types of harnesses, have a look;

1. Sport/ Gym Harnesses
They are ultra light and suitable for indoor gyms and outdoor sports.

2. Traditional Harnesses
Trad climbing requires more climbing gear than sport climbing. Trad harnesses are thereby light and comfortable. They feature extra thick and durable padding.

3. Ice and Mixed Harnesses
They are designed to cope with the harsh winter conditions.

4. Alpine/ Mountaineering Harnesses
Rock climbing harnesses are lightweight, easy to on and off and adjustable leg loops.

Like other climbing gears, harnesses are designed and engineered for safety purposes. A harness must adhere to strict quality standards to ensure the climbers safety. Climbing safety harnesses are categorized and identified by their use and shapes. Petzl, Salewa, Black Diamond, and Grivel designs and produces a wide variety of Womens climbing harnesses, Mens climbing harnesses, and Kids climbing harnesses. Hence, according to your climbing style and need, choose the harnesses to enjoy a safe climbing experience!