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Vaude is a popular mountain sports gear-making company. The company’s head office is located in Tettnang, Germany. Albrecht von Dewitz established the brand in 1974. Vaude is a front hand in forming environmentally friendly items. The range of products by the brand has placed a value in the lives of highlanders and outdoor lovers. Vaude men’s jackets, women´s clothes, footwear, tents, and bags are the most famous products among all its offerings. Vaude backpacks are an excellent addition to your hiking additions. These sacks and backpacks are understood for their performance and durability. The brand invites all adventure seekers to acquire high-quality, endurable, and creative gear, clothes, and accessories to make the adventure unforgettable.
Vaude´s products combine suitability and style, appealing to outdoor lovers who adore both performance and conscience. With a combination of durability, functionality, and an unwavering dedication to the environment, Vaude has become a flashlight of wide-awake outdoor exploration, encouraging individuals to link with nature while leaving the tiniest footprint.
At the core of Vaude´s perspective lies a commitment to sustainability. Their products are often formed utilizing eco-friendly materials and creative production processes, minimizing their effect on the planet.

Vaude collection of outdoor clothing and hiking accessories

Vaude backpacks are made with high-quality fabrics and craftsmanship, provided they resist the rigors of outdoor experiences and remain reliable over time. Vaude jackets are crafted from eco-friendly fabrics, using responsible production methods that reduce their environmental impact. These jackets provide ease, protection, and fashion.
Vaude hiking shoes prioritize ease with qualities like padded collars, softened midsoles, and cushy insoles. These features reduce stress on the feet during long walks and provide a comfy fit. Vaude outdoor clothing often contains waterproof and windproof fabrics, as well as closed seams and flexible features. This security shields wearers from extreme elements, improving comfort and protection in unstable conditions.
Vaude mens outdoor clothing offers versatility for a vast range of outdoor activities and adventures like skiing, hiking, and biking. Vaude places a strong focus on proper labor methods and quality of materials.
Vaude womens outdoor clothing has innovative technologies such as moisture-wicking materials, adaptable insulation systems, and modular layering choices, improving overall functionality and adaptability.
Vaude boots often have practical features like lacing systems for a snug fit, ankle support, and portable insoles for personalized ease and fit adjustments. Rooted in reliable manufacturing, functionality, and creation, Vaude boots are formed to offer optimal support, security, and ease during outdoor adventures.