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About Edelrid
Edelrid is a renowned German brand that has been at the forefront of manufacturing high-quality climbing gear and equipment since its inception in 1863. With a commitment to innovation and safety, Edelrid has become a trusted name among climbers, mountaineers, and adventurers worldwide. Edelrid´s history is rooted in its passion for creating gear that enables individuals to explore vertical terrains with confidence. The interest in mountaineering led the company to expand the company´s focus toward developing technical ropes and equipment specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts.
Harnessing its expertise in textile production, Edelrid introduced its first climbing rope in 1953. This marked a significant milestone for the brand and revolutionized the climbing industry. Over the years, Edelrid continued to push the boundaries of innovation, introducing groundbreaking products that set new standards in safety, durability, and performance. Edelrid´s rich history and commitment to innovation have made it a leading brand in the climbing industry. With a focus on safety, comfort, and performance, Edelrid harnesses, carabiners, helmets, and ropes continue to set the benchmark for climbers worldwide, empowering them to conquer new heights with confidence.

Edelrid innovating safety in vertical adventures

Edelrid harnesses are renowned for their exceptional comfort, lightweight design, and uncompromising safety features. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Edelrid harnesses provide climbers with a secure and supportive fit, allowing for extended periods of climbing without discomfort. Edelrid harnesses ensure maximum freedom of movement, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor climbing adventures. Edelrid carabiners are engineered to withstand the rigors of climbing, providing climbers with reliable and secure connections. Constructed with high-quality materials and precision engineering, Edelrid carabiners are lightweight yet robust with features like key lock systems and smooth gate operations, ensuring effortless clipping and minimizing the risk of snagging during critical moments.
Edelrid helmets offer exceptional protection for climbers and mountaineers. Designed to withstand impacts, Edelrid helmets feature a combination of advanced shell materials and foam technologies to absorb and distribute forces. With an emphasis on comfort and ventilation, Edelrid helmets provide climbers with a secure and breathable headgear solution, enhancing safety without compromising comfort. The brand´s commitment to climbing is evident in its comprehensive range of Edelrid climbing equipment. Whether it´s sport climbing, bouldering, or alpine adventures, Edelrid products are trusted by climbers of all skill levels.
Edelrid´s expertise in manufacturing climbing ropes is unparalleled. Edelrid climbing ropes are renowned for their durability, reliability, and exceptional handling characteristics. Using cutting-edge technologies and materials, Edelrid ropes offer climbers optimal safety margins, superior abrasion resistance, and low-impact forces. From dynamic single ropes to specialized twin and half ropes, Edelrid´s diverse range ensures climbers can choose the perfect rope for their specific needs.