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About Millet
Millet, an iconic outdoor brand, has been at the forefront of the mountaineering and outdoor sports industry for over 100 years. Millet has earned a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, performance-driven gear that empowers adventurers to conquer nature´s challenges. Millet´s story began in 1921 when the founder opened a small workshop in the heart of the French Alps. Inspired by the rugged landscapes surrounding him, Millet dedicated himself to crafting innovative gear for mountaineers and climbers. By the 1950s, Millet had established itself as a leading brand in the climbing community, collaborating with renowned climbers and alpinists to develop cutting-edge equipment.
Throughout the decades, Millet expanded its product range and continued to refine its designs, incorporating advancements in materials and technology. Millet´s dedication to pushing boundaries and embracing new challenges has solidified its position as a trusted name in the outdoor industry. Millet´s century-long commitment to innovation, quality, and performance has established it as a leading brand in the outdoor industry. From its humble beginnings in the French Alps to its global recognition, Millet continues to push the boundaries of what´s possible in outdoor gear.

Millet embracing challenges with innovative gear

The brand offers a comprehensive range of Millet clothing for men that combines functionality, durability, and style. From lightweight and breathable t-shirts for hiking to insulated jackets for extreme weather conditions, Millet caters to the needs of every adventurer. Millet recognizes the unique requirements of female adventurers and offers a diverse collection of clothing tailored to their needs. Millet´s women´s clothing line features designs without compromising on functionality, enabling women to pursue their outdoor passions with confidence.
Millet jackets are renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability. These jackets are crafted with precision, utilizing waterproof and breathable fabrics, strategic insulation, and adjustable features to provide optimal protection and comfort. Millet pants are designed to meet the demands of various outdoor activities. From durable and abrasion-resistant hiking pants to lightweight and stretchy climbing pants, Millet offers versatile options for adventurers. Millet backpacks are engineered with a deep understanding of mountaineering and outdoor exploration. These backpacks prioritize weight distribution, durability, and organization, making them essential companions for long treks or expeditions.
Millet´s footwear collection combines technical expertise with ergonomic design, catering to the specific demands of outdoor activities. From hiking boots that provide stability and grip on varied terrains to shoes that offer precision and traction for climbing. Millet shoes deliver reliable performance. Each pair is crafted with high-quality materials and incorporates innovative technologies to enhance comfort and durability. For climbers, the brand offers a range of specialized Millet boots that excel in vertical pursuits. Designed with rubber soles, precise fit, and sensitivity, Millet climbing shoes provide optimal grip and control on rock surfaces. Additionally, Millet´s climbing shoes offer superior ankle support and protection, ensuring climbers can confidently tackle challenging routes.