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How to choose and buy the right travel backpack and suitcase

In the travel community, should you buy a backpack or a suitcase is a popular debate. A good quality backpack is essential for adventure trips like mountaineering, hiking, camping, skiing, or any short time outdoor activity. A backpack must be of the right size to accommodate necessary materials such as clothing, a survival kit, a water storage container, and a sleeping bag. However, a travel suitcase is the ideal choice for certain conditions as they are more durable, hardwearing and easy to carry around.
In this guide, we will discuss some important aspects and features that should be taken into consideration while choosing a Backpacks and suitcase.

How to Choose a Backpack?

The two most important factors while choosing and buying a travel backpack is its size and material. Have a look;

Choosing the right travel backpack is a vital part of planning your outdoor trip. While buying a backpack, the size matters a lot. If it is too big, you will be having too much extra weight to carry around which will make your outdoor adventure hectic. If you choose too small backpack/suitcase, you might not place all your necessary stuff properly.

The type of material of backpack is also important as poor quality material will not withstand harsh weather conditions like wind, rain, or heavy snow. Some of the best brands of backpack are Arcteryx, Salomon, Salewa, Petzl, Columbia

Features of Travel Backpack

Following are the few important features that you need to consider while selecting a good backpack for outdoors, have a look below;

• Water resistant material
• Lockable zippers
• Multiple compartments
• Internal frame
• Padded hip belt
• Padded shoulder straps
• Padded or contoured back
• Frontloading

Features of Travel Suitcase

Following are the important aspects that must be taken into mind while buying a travel suitcase. Have a look;

1. Personal Convenience
Hard suitcases are known for safety and durability. Suitcases provide a lot of conveniences as they are easy to carry without breaking a sweat

2. Wheels
The best thing about suitcases is wheels. Rolling your suitcase with ease without having to put a backpack on your back makes you feel free.

3. Health Issues
Not everyone is physically sound to carry a backpack. There are certain health conditions that will not allow you to put burden on your shoulders. In that case, choosing a suitcase will better serve the purpose.

4. Organized Packing
Suitcase offers more organized packing than backpacks. Simply unzip the case and you can see all your belongings in a clear view.

5. Safety
A suitcase is an ideal choice to keep your belongings safe since it is made of heavy duty material and waterproof.

Should You Buy a Backpack or Suitcase?

Should you buy a backpack or suitcase for your next outdoor trip is one of the most confusing questions. It totally depends on your need, location where you are going and how long you will stay there. There are plenty of options available in the market for Backpacks and suitcase that you can buy as per your requirements. If you are planning to go hiking or trekking, you must choose a good quality backpack. For the reason that it is easy to carry and will not bound your hands as in case of travelling with a suitcase. Backpacks are lightweight, versatile and just make life simpler. However, if you are going for a long time, you should choose a suitcase.