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About B&G
Since its establishment in 1986, B&G has been a well-known supplier of marine electronic solutions for sailors and boaters all around the world. In simple terms, a company called Brookes & Gatehouse started small in the UK. Today, it´s known as B&G and has become a big-time leader across the globe. They make technology that helps people who love adventures explore the waters of the world with courage and trust. With over three decades of expertise, B&G has grown to represent innovation, dependability, and performance in the marine sector.
B&G chartplotters aren´t just simple navigation tools; they´re powerful multifunction displays designed to enhance your sailing experience and empower you to conquer any adventure. B&G chartplotters are sophisticated devices that go far beyond simply displaying charts and provide real-time data and features to enhance your sailing experience and ensure safety. B&G chartplotters may also display wind speed and direction, water temperature, battery voltage, water depth, and other vital data.
B&G Cartography helps to plan sailing trips like a pro. B&G Cartography is like having a detailed map and guide all in one, and it provides water depth, tides, and hidden dangers. With B&G, you can plan your route exactly, set waypoints, and even measure distances easily.
A B&G wind kit with the interface is a crucial component of your onboard navigation system, providing accurate and real-time wind data essential for sailing performance and safety. B&G wind kit with interface gives sailboats accurate wind measuring and control. This groundbreaking technology allows captains to trim their sails for optimal efficiency and speed, giving them a competitive advantage.
B&G´s Autopilot Controller is like having an automatic captain on board! It uses fancy sensors and software to steer your boat to where you want to go, giving you more time to relax and enjoy the ride. It´s perfect for people who want to sail with less stress and freedom. B&G´s Autopilot Controller automatically adjusts to changing wind and sea conditions, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.
B&G digital displays are more than just screens; they are your gateway to a wealth of information and control on your boat. B&G digital displays high-resolution displays offer a clear and intuitive interface for monitoring key sailing data, operating your navigation system, and interacting with various onboard systems. B&G digital displays boast stunning high-resolution screens with vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, ensuring optimal readability even in direct sunlight.
B&G GPS antenna for boats delivers accurate location data. B&G GPS antenna for boats is a receiver link to accurate positioning and precise navigation. B&G GPS antenna receives signals from multiple satellite constellations, including GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS, providing unparalleled accuracy and reliability even in challenging environments.