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Fishing equipment

Fishing equipment

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What fishing equipment do I need?


Tackle bags are specifically designed for anglers to carry their fishing gear, such as reels, lures, hooks, lines, and other accessories. Larger gear bags are ideal for carrying larger fishing equipment such as reels, rod tubes, fishing nets, and other bulky items.


Abivouac is a lightweight, portable, and compact shelter used by anglers and outdoor enthusiasts for overnight stays during fishing trips. Bivouacs are designed for minimalistic camping and protection from the elements. With proper preparation and equipment, you can enjoy a comfortable and memorable outdoor experience.


Downriggers are widely used in fishing to help anglers target specific depths and maintain precise lure presentations. Downriggers are especially popular in trolling scenarios, where the anglers boat is moving slowly through the water while fishing lines are extended behind the vessel.

Feeders and hooks:

Feeders and hooks are essential tools used in fishing to attract and catch fish. They serve different purposes and can be employed in various fishing techniques. Remember to check local fishing regulations and guidelines regarding the use of specific feeder´s and hooks fishing methods, as they can vary depending on the location and target species.

Fishing lines:

Fishing lines are essential tools used in the sport of fishing. They are made of various materials and come in different thicknesses and strengths, depending on the type of fishing and target species. Fishing lines serve as the primary connection between the angler and the fish.

Floats and pontoons:

Float tubes and pontoons are popular equipment used in fishing to enhance mobility, and access to fishing spots, and increase the anglers chances of catching fish. Remember to always check local fishing regulations and safety guidelines before using floats, float tubes, or pontoons.

Landing nets:

Landing nets are a common tool used by anglers in fishing to assist in the landing and handling of fish. They are designed to safely capture and lift fish out of the water, minimizing stress and potential harm to both the fish and the angler. Landing nets are primarily used to safely land fish once they are hooked.


Waders are specialized waterproof garments worn by anglers and fishermen to protect themselves while fishing in wet or water filled environments. Waders are typically made of rubber, neoprene, or breathable fabrics such as Gore Tex, and are designed to keep the angler´s lower body and feet dry.

More about fishing equipment:
The more about fishing equipment includes Smart parts, tools, leaders, boxes, transport, winders, combat belts, bait boats, bite alarms, rod holders, and weights and you can buy all these from the brands like Shimano Fishing, Helly Hansen, Daiwa, Garmin, Raymarine, Plastimo, and Nuova Rade.
Baits and lures: Carry a selection of live baits or artificial lures tailored to the species you´re targeting. Different baits and lures work best for specific fish and conditions. Tackle box: Organize and store your fishing tackle, including hooks, lures, weights, and other small accessories, in a tackle box or bag for easy access and transport.
Fishing pliers and scissors: Essential for cutting lines, removing hooks, and handling fish. Pliers help in cutting lines, crimping weights, or unhooking fish, while scissors are handy for trimming lines.
Fishing nets and gaffs: Nets are useful for landing fish, especially larger ones, without harming them. Gaffs are long handled hooks used to lift fish into the boat, mostly for larger species.
Fishing tools and accessories: Carry essential tools like a knife, scale, measuring tape, and a fish gripper. These tools help with cleaning, measuring, and handling fish.
Safety equipment: Depending on your location and type of fishing, carry safety gear such as a personal flotation device PFD, a first aid kit, and a whistle for emergencies.