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Fishing reels

Fishing reels

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What type of fishing reels are there?

Bait casting:

Bait casting reels are a popular choice among anglers for various fishing applications. Bait casting reels excel in providing precise casting accuracy. With a bait caster, you can control the speed, distance, and placement of your cast more effectively than with other reel types. Baitcasting reels have a spool that rotates as the line is cast. The spool sits perpendicular to the rod and allows for greater casting distance and accuracy compared to spinning reels. Baitcasting reels are generally paired with baitcasting rods, which are specifically designed to handle the casting style and the forces generated by the reel. Baitcasting involves releasing and controlling the line by pressing the spool release button or engaging the reels thumb bar while making a casting motion. The thumb is used to manage the speed and control the distance of the cast.

Carp fishing:

Carp fishing is a popular angling pursuit that specifically targets carp, a species of freshwater fish known for their size, strength, and challenging behavior. When it comes to fishing reels, several considerations and features cater to the specific requirements of carp fishing. Carp fishing is a specialized type of fishing that specifically targets carp, a large freshwater fish species belonging to the Cyprinidae family. Carp are known for their size, strength, and often elusive behavior, making them a popular target for anglers seeking a challenging fishing experience. Carp are the primary focus in carp fishing. These fish can grow to significant sizes, with some species reaching weights of over 50 pounds or more, depending on the location and environmental conditions. Carp fishing involves using specialized techniques, baits, and equipment tailored to catch carp. Commonly used rigs include hair rigs, bolt rigs, and method feeders. Baits for carp fishing can vary widely and may include boilies, pellets, maize, particles, and other natural or artificial baits.


Electric fishing reels are designed to assist anglers in retrieving fishing lines more easily and efficiently. They utilize electric motors to power the reel, eliminating the need for manual cranking or reeling. Electric reels are commonly used in deep sea fishing, where heavyweights, deep depths, and strong currents make manual retrieval challenging.

Fishing fly:

The term "Fly" in the context of fishing reels typically refers to a type of reel used specifically for fly fishing. Fly fishing is a method of angling where an artificial fly is used to entice fish. Fly reels are designed to hold the fly line and provide drag to control the fish during the fight. Fly fishing gear includes a specialized fly rod, fly reel, fly line, and artificial flies. The fly rod is typically longer and more flexible than conventional fishing rods and is designed specifically for casting the lightweight fly line. The fly reel is primarily used to store the line and provide drag when fighting a fish. Artificial flies imitate insects, baitfish, or other aquatic creatures and are crafted using various materials. Unlike traditional fishing methods where the weight of the lure or bait carries the fishing line during casting, fly fishing relies on the weight of the fly line itself. Anglers use specialized casting techniques, such as the forward cast and the back cast, to propel the fly line and deliver the fly accurately to where the fish are located.


Jigging is a popular fishing technique that involves imparting a jerking or bouncing motion to a fishing lure or bait to attract fish. While jigging is typically associated with the use of specialized jigs, it can also be applied to fishing with reels.


Spinning reels, also known as open faced reels, are widely used in recreational fishing for various species of fish. They are versatile and user friendly, making them a popular choice among anglers of all skill levels. Spinning reels are versatile and can be used for a wide range of fishing applications.

Fishing surfcasting:

Surfcasting is a popular fishing technique that involves casting a fishing line from the shoreline or beach into the surf zone to target fish species that inhabit coastal waters. When it comes to surfcasting, choosing the right fishing reel is crucial, as it needs to be able to handle the demands of long distance casting.

Fishing trolling:

Fishing trolling is a fishing technique that involves dragging a fishing line behind a moving boat to catch fish. Fishing reels play a crucial role in trolling, as they provide the means to control and manage the fishing line during the trolling process.

More about fishing reels:
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