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What electronic devices do I need for sailing?

Having a reliable navigation system is crucial for sailing for several reasons:
Safety: Navigation systems enhance safety by providing accurate information about the boat´s position, surrounding obstacles, and navigational hazards. This helps in avoiding collisions, grounding, or straying into unsafe waters.
Position fixing: Determining the boat´s precise location is vital, especially in unfamiliar waters or during adverse conditions. Accurate position fixing helps in maintaining course and ensures you stay on track.
Emergency situations: In emergency scenarios, a navigation system helps in relaying accurate location information to rescue services via radio or distress beacons EPIRBs/PLBs, aiding in prompt assistance.
Weather and environmental awareness: Some navigation systems provide weather overlays or access to weather information, allowing sailors to monitor changing weather conditions and make informed decisions.
Backup and redundancy: Having multiple navigation systems or backups onboard ensures redundancy in case of system failures or malfunctions. It´s essential to have traditional navigation tools like compasses as backups.


Marine antennas are used for communication with other boats or shore stations. VHF antennas are commonly used for short range communication and can be used to hail other boats, call for assistance in case of an emergency, or listen to weather reports.


Audio can be used to access weather forecasts, which can be critical information for sailing. Audio can also be used to aid in navigation. For example, a sailor can use an onboard radio to listen to updates from the coast guard.


Cameras can be used to provide a visual aid to navigation. Cameras can be used to enhance safety by providing a visual record of the sailing environment. For example, the cameras can capture footage of a sudden or storm.


Sailing requires careful navigation, and clear communication between the skipper and crew is essential. Communication is also critical for ensuring the safety of the crew. The skipper will need to give clear instructions about what to do in case of an emergency.


Converters are devices that convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy, which can be used to power onboard electronics or charge batteries. Converters are devices that generate electricity by harnessing the power of water flowing past the boat.

GPS Portable and GPS/ Fish finder:

GPS portable and GPS/fish finder units have become increasingly advanced in recent years, with features such as chart plotting, wireless connectivity, and 3D mapping capabilities. It is important to note that GPS portable and GPS/fish finder should be used in conjunction with other navigation tools.


Transducers are used to measure the depth of the water beneath the boat. This information is critical for sailing in shallow waters and for avoiding underwater hazards. Transducers are used to measure the boat´s speed through the water.

Walkie Talkies:

Walkie talkies can be used to alert other members of your crew about potential hazards, such as approaching boats. Walkie talkies can also be used to quickly notify other crew members if someone falls overboard or if there is an emergency on board.


A watch can be used to time the duration of each maneuver to ensure they are executed at the right time. Watches are used to keep track of the progress of a sailing vessel, whether it´s measuring the distance traveled, speed, or time to reach a destination.

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