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What Type Of Electronics Do I Need For Cycling?

To make your riding experience more comfortable and meaningful, you need to have some important electronics needed for cycling. Have a look below;

Action Cameras

Action cameras today offer a wealth of features beyond simply being a compact, waterproof and portable device. Action cameras offer time lapse features, live streaming, and GFS options that allow you to capture amazing moments with your friends or family. GoPro, Muvit, Midland, Easypix, and KSIX, are the most famous brands that develop and offer high end action cameras with impressive features and performance.

Bike Lights

Bike lights are getting smaller and lighter day by day while delivering the best illumination for safety. Bike lights are an integral part of your bike electronics that must be chosen wisely. You need to be clear about what you want to see or be seen. a well lit bike should be equipped with the front, rear, and side lighting to ensure the rider’s safety. Garmin, Specialized, Brooks England, POC, and Thule offer a wide range of bike lights for both professional and recreational riders and cyclists.

Cycle Computers

Advanced cycling computers and GPS bike computers in particular have truly revolutionized the way riders plan and track their performance. Cyclists are always curious about their metrics, as to how far and fast they have to ride. A handlebar bike computer displays all sorts of data from speed, power to performance. Garmin, Specialized, Shimano, Sigma, and Topeak are the best manufacturers of cycle computers.


For adding music and fun to your rides, you need to have a pair of cycling headphones that offer a combination of sound quality and clarity, durability, sweat proofing, and comfort features. Being unable to hear your surroundings is something that should not be recommended. Hence, there are leading brands like Aftershokz that design headphones for outdoor riding which use bone conduction technology and offer ease of volume control while keeping you aware of the surroundings.

Smart Bands and Watches

Smartbands and watches are the most essential electronics that a rider needs. Today, there is a wide range of lightweight smartwatches that you can easily wear on the wrist and enjoy unlimited fun on the ride. The battery life is exceptional and offers additional features like a heart rate straps sensor. You can easily sync your smart bands or watches to a smartphone or laptop to access data. Garmin, Sigma, Polar, and Suunto manufacture high end smart bands and watches.

More about Electronics Bike

In addition, you need to have some accessories from renowned brands like Garmin, Specialized, Shimano, Sram, to compliment the cycle electronics you carry while riding. For instance, you must bring covers and cases for your action cameras and smartphones to protect against dirt, small rocks, debris, and gravel. These waterproof cases are handy and keep your precious devices protected.

The ultra thin sensors for cardiovascular health assessments Scales are very useful electronic accessories that you need while cycling. To help achieve your health goals, these scales can track, record, and sync the data to your smartphones for personal assessment. You need to have heart rate Sensors to accurately monitor your heart rate with utmost precision and accuracy. Don’t forget to keep spare parts of all the above mentioned cycle electronics to avoid any awkward situation. Get some extra camera straps, folding arms, wire harness kit, etc to replace on the go.

In extreme riding conditions, adjustable, compact, and aerodynamically designed Supports mount is the perfect solution for a challenging ride. Simply attach the unit to the bike handlebar and enjoy the views seamlessly. Last but not least, you need to carry Batteries and chargers for backup. In a long distance ride, you need to recharge your cameras, phones, or LED lights that can be done with the help of portable chargers and batteries.